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New Uverse internet customer


New Uverse internet customer

I initiated services with At&t on Wednesday 4/9/14. I was told i would have installation on Thursday. Bevause i had reached my limit on my at&t mobile phone I shut off my mobile data untill my reset date 4/11. On Thursday i was given timeframe between 11-1. They never showed. I had access to wifi where I was on and when turning this on noticed my service date changed For Tuesday 4/15. Long story short after calling back soonest they were able to be there was Monday. Is this something that usually happens? Why is this ok? Initially when ordering I was very pleased with the turnaround time seeing how i personally had a school assignment due Midnight Sunday. I am very much inconvenienced and not happy. Its midday now on Saturday and hoping to get a response from somone to expedite my service connection.



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Re: New Uverse internet customer


Hi Jessica,


I'm sorry your installation date changed unexpectedly. I sent you a Private Message to get more information and help you set a more convenient installation date for your services.





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