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New SLOW Search, etc.


New SLOW Search, etc.

Something's changed, over the last week or so. Searching for a program, even looking at Other Showtimes, has gotten MANY times slower. It also searches, and gives results for, stations I don't have or want, SD when I have only HD stations turned on, people's names, and more. Apparently someone has made this search more comprehensive, and FAR less usable. What used to take a second or two now takes 10 seconds or much more. And several times this evening, after waiting, it says "Search is Not Available". When it does find results, it adds additional steps. Something's changed, and it's not good.


For example, I want to search for the new North America series on Discovery. I enter "NORTH", which is a chore in itself, as the buttons don't respond correctly anymore, and it misses letters, etc. Now, I have a list of items, with separate listings for Cast, Move, On Demand, TV Series, etc.(never had them before). I click TV Series, and after 20 seonds (just counted them) it finally lists the dates and times. But it lists both channel 120 and 1120 times, even though I have 120 hidden. It's just awful. Well, maybe not awful, but far worse than it was.


I assume others are seeing this as well? Is there an option I can turn off or something? I want my old U-Verse back!

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Re: New SLOW Search, etc.

not only is it very slow, when you change it in the options to the old better way it doesnt hold that setting for the next time.

tired to see if support could put it back and after 45 min. in a chat session he rebooted the modem and cut us off and he didnt fix the problem or recontact me even though we took my number and email twice..

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New SLOW Search, and defaults that looks at stars names and not just show names

New SLOW Search, and defaults that looks at stars names and not just show names, and you have to change it everytime you want to use it

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