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New 45mb install not getting full speed?


New 45mb install not getting full speed?

Browsing speeds are slow over wifi, and speedtest results over wifi are giving anywhere from 6mbps-16mbps. Speedtest over ethernet giving anything from 26mbps - 40mbps. Any idea why this is occuring? I've had one tech come out so far. He only swapped the gateway and said he switched me to a different port saying that, that port is a 24mb port. So I really dont know exactly what that means.


DSL Status

  Line 1 Line 2  Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream

Line StateUpUp
Downstream Sync Rate (kbps)2970325730
Upstream Sync Rate (kbps)28593205
Downstream Max Attainable Rate (kbps)5583248224
Upstream Max Attainable Rate (kbps)28593205
Data PathInterleavedInterleaved
SN Margin (dB)16.5018.10
Line Attenuation (dB)25.5026.30
Output Power(dBm)14.2-7.214.2-6.6
Errored Seconds0000
Loss of Signal0000
Loss of Frame0000
FEC Errors590197054850
CRC Errors0000
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Re: New 45mb install not getting full speed?

I'm not sure how long your NVG 589 has been collecting these stats, so I'm not sure whether that FEC number is high or not.  If it's been up for an hour or less 590K is high.  If a week, then 590K is not really an issue.


Your wireless speeds may be lower than your connected speeds due to protocol use (802.11g vs 802.11n or 802.11ac), router configuration (channel width, etc.), interference from other sources (other networks, cordless telephones, baby monitors, microwaves), not to mention travelling through walls.


The fluctuation of your wired speed could be:

  • Other Internet use of your connection at the same time as the speed test
  • IPTV HD stream watching or recording,
  • Issues with the speed test server
  • Issues along the path between the speed test server and AT&T
  • Issues within AT&T's network
  • Issues with your lines between your NVG 589 and the VRAD.
  • Issues with your NVG 589 or the VRAD

Suggest you try multiple servers (or different speed test sites) to get a clearer picture. 


You can try using the Troubleshoot and Resolve tool at to see if it sees anything wrong that it thinks needs fixing with your RG or the connection back to the VRAD.

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