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Need to file a complain about extremely poor customer service


Need to file a complain about extremely poor customer service

I've been receiving calls lately that go to voicemail (always when I'm busy). They get cut off, but the end says they're from AT&T. It's an unknown number, so I didn't have anyone to call back and ask them to stop. I thought they may be related to either A. my current Uverse TV/internet or B. trying to get me to come back to cell phone service.


I called and was told that wait would be over 10 minutes. Best time to call is Wed-Fri. First mistake AT&T. Best time to call is when the customer needs you. If your call volume is heavier Mon/Tues/Saturday then STAFF MORE PEOPLE on those days.


I called today, 4/7, at about 4:30 cst. After about 13-14 minutes, someone picks up. Not too bad. I tell her what I need, she says no problem, she can help me. Except she doesn't help me. She puts me right back to the queue where I'm forced to input my phone number and what I'm calling about again. Again I'm told it will take over 10 minutes.


After my phone says I've been on the line for 39 minutes, someone picks up. So I'd put that wait time at about 25 minutes. I tell him to please not put me on hold, as I've been on the phone for 39 minutes due to someone doing that. I tell him that in all of this time I've been Googling the call I received and I believe it's a scam and not from AT&T. So I'd like to talk to a supervisor to A. these calls and B. Why it's taken me 40 minutes to get someone on the phone. He said he had to put me on hold, but would do it on a silent hold so I wouldn't get the music. (Much appreciated as that is some of the worst hold music I've ever heard.)


When he finally reported that he had a supervisor, my phone said I'd been connected with AT&T for about 56 minutes. So that means it took another 16-17 minutes to track down a manager. He said he would transfer me. I sat on hold (the horrible music is back) and then nothing. At first I thought that it was a silent hold again. And then I gave up. 


To sum up: I spent 1:09:12 on the phone and accomplished absolutely nothing. Maybe 2-3 minutes of that was spent talking to an actual person. This is not acceptable.


Also not acceptable:


1. There are scammers that are phishing in AT&T's name and they are doing nothing about it. A google found a lot of people that have been hit by this, but I don't see sites by AT&T educating people about this and what they can do.


2. This was an unacceptable long amount of time to wait. You need to fix this.  ASAP.


3. I don't know if you can find who put me back in the phone queue, but she needs to be disciplined. I believe it was intentional because she didn't know how to help me and she was getting rid of me and hoping someone else could deal with me. She did not tell me that she was going to place me on hold to check on something, she just said she'd help and then sent me back to the very beginning of the line. If this were a mistake and she meant to just put me on hold, she would have told me she was placing me on hold first. 


4. Give people a means to file a complaint. I looked all over your website. There are no feedback forms. This is unbelievable- doesn't your company want to know what customers think? The only way I can give feedback is the means that I tried and that ended in 1 hour+ on the phone.


5. Fix your hold music. It's horrible. It's high pitched and fast and when you're feeling frustrated, it just adds to the frustration.

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Re: Need to file a complain about extremely poor customer service

Hi @Scarly,


I am so sorry about your customer service experience. Thank you for bringing this up to us. I can assure you that we do not promote that type of behavior, and I will have my team send you a private message to gather more information.


Also, thank you for bringing up the phishing issues to us. With how fast the internet is growing and network security being a larger concern, we definitely understand your concerns and are constantly working towards ensuring the protection of our customers. Here is an article that covers how to protect yourself from phishing and fake websites. 


-David T

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