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Need debug help with router behind gateway

Need debug help with router behind gateway

I have the 45/6 plan, and I have a DD-WRT router setup behind my gateway using the tips here to allow IP passthrough.  However, I cannot achieve the speeds I pay for; instead I'm getting 30M/5.25M.  This same router behind the TW gateway works great; I can achieve 55M/5.5M on it, but when I switch to Uverse's gateway, the router isn't as fast.  I have a network drive connected and use LAN speedtest to confirm my throughput to the router--it doesn't change regardless of what provider I'm using. 


If I hardwire directly to the gateway, I can acheive the stated speeds but somehow using the router slows me down quite a bit.  I don't believe the router is to blame because it works transparently with TW.



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Re: Need debug help with router behind gateway

To help debug this, I installed another router setup as an AP to the network in parallel to my DD-WRT router.  Through the 2nd router, I'm getting 40M/5.5M consistently.  There is something going on with the DD-WRT router interacting with the gateway.  


Still open to other ideas.  I may have to dump the DD-WRT router for the 2nd one.

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Re: Need debug help with router behind gateway

Hi AmazinglySmooth,


That is definitely a unique scenario. I have encountered something kind of similar in my home network, but it is with one individual computer. When I run speedtests, it gives differing values all the time, while the other devices in my house do not. I do not concern myself with it, because when downloading, it still will download at my provisioned speed, so I assume it is just something with the computer and testing with


A few things you may want to try on your end is 

  1. Try to do a continuous ping to the U-verse gateway ( by default) This may not be possible since it is set on IP passthrough. But you just want to send several packets to see if there are any dropped packets.
  2. Also, you can try to do a tracert to google with a device connected behind the DD-WRT and then do the same thing with it connected behind the other router. See if there are any differences.
  3. Also, if your DHCP pool for the DD-WRT router is also 192.168.1.x, you may want to change it to make sure there are no double NAT issues.

Hope this helps.

-David T

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