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Re: Need Recommendation on Keeping a Planned Switch to U-Verse

Need Recommendation on Keeping a Planned Switch to U-Verse

Hi, my very old modem broke and a guy at a local AT&T store convinced me to switch from my AT&T DSL to U-Verse Internet since the promotion price will be lower at an also increased speed tier.


So I bought a Netgear 7550 to replace my broken one and plan to return that once the U-Verse equipment arrives and the service starts.


But now I am having second thoughts about doing this switch, since I quite like the look and feel and performance and stability of my new Netgear 7550, and I have read horrible experiences with all of the U-Verse gateways/modems. I have looked at all of the U-Verse modems and they all have just 2-2.5 star reviews on Amazon, and now I am very scared that I will have problems with whatever U-Verse modem they give me..


So do you recommend me to go through with this switch to U-Verse or cancel the switch and keep my current DSL? My DSL connection is usually stable, and I have not had any problems with the Netgear 7550 so far...


And please give reasons on why to switch or not.


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Re: Need Recommendation on Keeping a Planned Switch to U-Verse

The modem you will more than likely receive upon installation of U-verse is Motorolla NVG510. It's not a poor piece of equipment, however there are 2 annoying nuances that may dissuade you. NAD2902 redirect page (which can be fixed but requires you to root inside the RG) and re-directs to Url/cgi-bin/redirect.ha which causes a lot of 404-not found on the websites since that directory page doesn't exist.

If you're looking at the quality of equipment, comparing Netgear 7550 to NVG510, it's a no brainer. Netgear 7550 wins.

As far as which service is better, if you can only get a maxiumum of 3Mbps with U-verse, stick to DSL. If your looplength exceeds 10.2k feet (which would equivilate to max of 3Mbps), I would deny U-verse and stick to DSL. If you live closer and are offered 6Mbps or 12Mbps at a fair price, I'd say go for it.

There are other modem's available that may work better for you such as the Motorolla 2210-02-1, however most sales representatives do not know how to order this and you would need to use a 3rd party router (not att provided). I would recomment U-verse VDSL2 in a heartbeat with 2wire 3600/3800/3801, however the ADSL2+ side of things (NVG510/2210-02-1) is still lacking due to unresolved firmware issues.
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Re: Need Recommendation on Keeping a Planned Switch to U-Verse

Oh no!!! My worst nightmare came true and I found out today that I am being shipped the Motorola NVG510! Smiley Sad


I am extremely scared now, because now I am convinced I will also have these DNS problems everyone else has with this modem.

Could someone explain how it is possible to not have problems with the NVG510?


Also, since I am being shipped this modem, does that mean my U-Verse service only supports the ADSL2+ side?

I really want that VDSL2 modem, is it possible to request this from AT&T?


Oh, and for the U-Verse switch, I will indeed be getting a 6mbps connection at a reduced price.. is it still worth switching?

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Re: Need Recommendation on Keeping a Planned Switch to U-Verse

Eventually AT&T is going to pull the plug on regular DSL so in the end you maybe forced to go to uVerse Internet. They are slowing from racing people to go to uVerse and there will be no other choice. I'd say do it now, get things done, and get switched now before you're forced to.
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