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NVG589 Dropping Devices Connected By WiFi


NVG589 Dropping Devices Connected By WiFi

I have the NVG589 and I've encountered errors with devices connected through WiFi where they will be dropped and lose the internet.  When it is connected, I still have issues with loading pages.  Do I have a bad gateway?

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Re: NVG589 Dropping Devices Connected By WiFi

Is it only with devices connected to wireless when you say that they lose internet?



If so, go to in your browser and change your gateway's channel to either 1,6, or 11(they're best for most people) and make sure your "Channel Width" is set to 20 MHz. See if that helps.


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Re: NVG589 Dropping Devices Connected By WiFi

So I reset my router and then made sure my settings were as you described. We weren't having issues and it was all running well, but my parents had set up a support ticket for something else and they ended up replacing the gateway while they were out here. We haven't had issues with the new one, but it's less than a day old so time will tell.
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