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NVG510 to Wireless Router Wired to Gaming Console


NVG510 to Wireless Router Wired to Gaming Console

Currently I have the U-Verse Max High Speed Internet at the rate 12mbps download speed. In my household were using the NVG510 Wireless Gateway on several phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles. Im planning on making the bump up to the Max Turbo Package at the rate of 24mbps download speed for better online multiplayer experience while also being about to supplement the rest of the WiFi connected devices. In addition to making the upgrade on internet speed. I want to also install a wireless router in a seperate room which is roughly 50 or so feet away from the room in which the Wireless Gateway is installed. How would I be able to connect the wireless router to the wireless gateway if theyre that far apart? I also want to note that the wireless router will be hardwired to the gaming console in the seperate room. Any suggestions?

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Re: NVG510 to Wireless Router Wired to Gaming Console

Hi mvalentine9,


I have not actually played around with connecting a wireless router wirelessly, but it can definitely be done. You will need a wireless transmitter or find a wireless router that can connect wirelessly, but if you do it this way, you are still limited by the issues of wireless connections. If at all possible, it is always best to run a hard wired connection. Also, if you are looking for a stronger wireless signal, you can attach a wireless router to ours and look for a router with 802.11ac technology.


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Re: NVG510 to Wireless Router Wired to Gaming Console

Go to or other similar website to configure the port forwarding on the modem.  Or have a tech do it for you (not all can)  to eliminate the firewall from inspecting ALL packets, and allow your gaming system to flow wihtout issue.  As for 50 feet away, that shouldn't be an issue.  Moving from 12 to 24 is ridiculous!  12 is more than you need to stream or game.    It can be done on 3Mbps given the right settings.The big issue with gaming is the upload speed. Increased and improved by port forwarding.

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