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NVG510 losing connection with XBox


NVG510 losing connection with XBox

I'm running a standard ethernet connection from a Motorola NVG510 to my Xbox.  Lately, anytime I power it up, it tells me it cannot connect to Xbox Live.  When I run the tests, it says it can't get an ip address from my router, and I have to reset the router to connect.  Does anyone have any familiarity with this problem?  I have everything on the Xbox set to automatic - should I change the settings?

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Re: NVG510 losing connection with XBox



     Sorry to hear about your trouble. I have a link below that goes through wireless connections of gaming systems.


Connecting gaming systems to your wireless network



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Re: NVG510 losing connection with XBox

Thank you for the link, but unfortunately I'm not trying to connect wirelessly. I'm running an ethernet cord, but occasionally I'm still getting an error message saying that the XBOX is not receiving an ip address from the router. So far, resetting does the trick, it's just a bit annoying. I can't detect any pattern in why it happens, either.
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Re: NVG510 losing connection with XBox

I can't get a connection at all, and no help from tech support! 

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Re: NVG510 losing connection with XBox

I have the same problem, but I have NEVER been able to get it to connect.  One issue that I spotted is that the IP address that comes up from the auto-set up starts with 196, which is incorrect from what I hear.  I have been told it should start with 192.  Tech support was totally not helpful.  I tried using all the info that is listed in the fields when I set up wirelessly and that only got it to go so far, no final connection.  I really wanted to have a solid connection from the modem to the Xbox 360, but gave up and went back to the weak wireless connection.  AT&T did offer to refer me over to some 3rd party group that would charge me to put in the right codes, but that is crap if you ask me.  Good luck.

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Re: NVG510 losing connection with XBox

Hi centbp,


I apologize about the inconveniences you are having trying to connect your Xbox 360. I am a little lost when you stated you went back to the weak wireless connection. Does that mean you are connecting to someone else's network because it cannot connect to the NVG510?


With the wrong IP address showing up, you may want to try to reset your network settings to default on your Xbox 360 and start over. To do so:


  1. Click the guide button on your remote to bring up the menu
  2. Go to Settings -> System Settings -> Network Settings
  3. Select Wired Netowrk or Wireless Network depending on how you are trying to connect
  4. Select Configure Network then Additional Settings
  5. Select Restore to Factory Defaults

After resetting them, you want to try to connect online again. If connecting wirelessly, you want to setup your settings again by going back to your Network Settings and choosing the NVG510 wireless network. If you do not see it, then there may be an issue with the Xbox 360 picking up on the wireless connection from your NVG510.


Let us know how it goes.

-David T


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