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NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

Hi, I am a new 6 mbps Uverse Internet customer switched from DSL 7 days ago, and for the first 5 days, everything went fine, but now I am having problems.


Yesterday, my nvg510 suddenly dropped the connection (service light went off) for 2 minutes and this happened about 4 times that day.

I also checked the modem page and it also somehow lowered my downstream sync rate from 6000 to about 5100, and the SN Margin for downstream kept jumping from 1 to 6...


Then I found out some of my phones had old dual port filters connected, so I replaced it with the single port filters.


But today, when I checked the connection, the downstream sync rate had dropped again down to 4700 kbps, and my SN Margin for downstream was still around 5 to 6...

So it seems like I have a lot of line noise, but it only seems to affect my downstream, the upstream SN are all normal:


What can I do about this? I don't want to have a technician come to my home since I have heard that they will charge you 99 dollars or higher if they have to fix something in your NID....

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Re: NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

Yes you are correct if inside issue it is billable,if outside it is not.
Are you able to run anew cat5 wire from NID to RG bypassing all house wiring. Install new jack and direct ackto 510 with green data cable.
Are you able to isolate electrical connection (power) for RG (possible isobar) to ensure no noise from poor power (motors, compressors)
Turn off all wifi related items (baby monitors, wireless headphones, timers for lighting, microwaves)

If you can eliminate all possible inside issues and still have problems then tech support us needed to seek outside interference.
If cannot do these things then tech support is still needed, just increase chances of being billable.

Can issue be something not considered,yes see
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Re: NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

Sorry, I am not a technical person, so I don't understand how to do all these tests, and I think the NID is on my roof, so it will be hard to do any tests on it...


The only think I can try right now is to try to move the RG a few feet away and see what happens, since right now I am sitting just 2 feet from it and it is about 2-3 feet away from my computer..


Also, the nvg510 is connected to a dual port filter that has my phone connected to it too, but that phone seems weird since there is an extra plug (i think it is an rj11) that is unused and not doing anything... Could this be the problem?

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Re: NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

If the NID is on your roof you are probably out of luck...

But it is very rare that it would be the case for a residence. Easiest way to check is to go outside and look up at the poles on either side of your house. Most houses have 3 wires coming from the poles. Power, cable, and telephone. Power should come down to the meter, cable sometimes goes to a box or sometimes just a grounded splitter/connection, and phone SHOULD have a NID. It's possible that you don't even have a NID, older houses just have some sort of connection block, in the basement or rarely attic, where all the phone wires run to. The NID should be a grayish plastic/metal box that says AT&T, SBC, Bell, Ameritech, SNET, etc depending on your area. If you can find one and have access to it, then you can plug the modem in directly to the NID(run the data cable out the window temporarily), to determine if it's outside or inside problem.

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Re: NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

Well, I moved the modem a few feet away but I still get 5 to 6 SN margin for downstream and all the filters are installed correctly...


I think I will try to connect it to the NID and it really is on the roof, but I think i can just climb out the window, it is a flat roof.


Do I use the green data cable or the ethernet cable to plug into the NID? I think the other person said to use the ethernet cable (cat5?)...


And also, to determine if it's outside or inside problem, is it ok to have a wireless device on and have that check the modem page?


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Re: NVG510 Downstream Sync Rate Problem?

An ethernet cable is a cat5 with a specifc type of ends. But cat5 is used for many things, the other poster did not mean it as ethernet, he meant a new cat5 as a data cable. So the answer is yes, use the green data cable and hopefully your nid has a jack to plug in to.

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