NVG 589 Mounting Bracket


NVG 589 Mounting Bracket

I realize the NVG589 is realitively new yet, but has anyone seen a mounting brack for it?


How do you get one to replace the 2Wire?  Cost?  Waive cost?


Thanks in advance.   -Rj

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Re: NVG 589 Mounting Bracket

Hi RjinWI,


I haven't had a chance to look at any mounting brackets for the NVG589. As you said, it's very new, so even a google search didn't net any results.

When it comes to switching your 2wire out for it, the NVG589 is only available in select areas right now and for specific types of circuits. When it becomes available to you, AT&T will usually let you know in some form of flier or some other method stating the new services available.


-David T

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Re: NVG 589 Mounting Bracket

Peel the rubber feet off the back and there are keyhole-style hangers behind 2 of them. (diagonally across from one another)


Drywall anchor and screws ... bingo.



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