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NBA TV and Regional Blackouts


NBA TV and Regional Blackouts



I'm trying to plan what to watch and I'd like to know if regional games will be blacked-out on NBA TV.  I am a Houston Rockets fan, and regrettably there is some impasse between Comcast and ATT that has left me unable to be an ATT user and a Rockets Viewer.


I'd hate to have my friends over for a game and find out that regional NBA TV games get blacked out.


Also, I think Comcast and ATT are seriously missing the plot with this impasse.  They may fight over how to devide the pie.  Meanwhile, other means of delivering content get developed every day.  Two things keep me spending money on cable/sattelite.  Convinence and sports.  I can get news direct from websites, I can get TV from Hulu Plus, movies from Amazon Prime and Netflix.  (As a matter of fact, I already subscribe to Hulu and Netflix.)  But sports... I want to see it live, I want to see it in HD.  If the internet gods crack sports, its bye-bye forever to cable.


When people do not get what they want from a service, sure they look to competitors but they also try new things.  I'm pretty sure cable does not want people trying "new things."

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Re: NBA TV and Regional Blackouts

If the game is being aired on NBA TV but not on Comcast Sports Net Houston, then the game won't be blacked out on U-Verse. Only games that are aired on CSN Houston will be blacked out on other networks.


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