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My trouble I've been having with uverse.


My trouble I've been having with uverse.

To start off with this, yes I fell behind on my bill due to my wife's brothers death and missing work but the customer service I well mainly my wife had received from tho uverse group was just horrid and uncaring and does not seem to care for their customers or want them to stay as customers. I have messaged the customer care people on here just a bit ago. But here's part of that message explaining what happened.

My wife is usually the one that handles our uverse account payments and what not. Recently we fell behind on payments because my wife's brother committed suicide in front of our house still today no one knows why he did such a thing but it has caused a huge impact on our daily life and are just now getting caught up with things. My wife had originally talked to someone who was getting everything taken care of for us before our services were cancelled. She said she needed to call us back the following day to take care of the issue and not to worry everything was fine, the following morning they cut our services off. We couldn't reach her again but we did get our wireless service turned back on (I have no complaints about your wireless department, they have been nothing but helpful and sweet). What I'm having the biggest issue with is the uverse team. She would get transferred from person to person to person who each said they could fix our situation and work with us, which then they would just transfer us again instead of helping in which she would have to explain the whole situation again. We asked if we were able to pay the past due bill and the three days of the current bill that services were cut off on (originally we were going to keep the cable but with all this hassle I just want to cancel it, I need internet for work and her school and can't cancel that) and they said they would be able to work that out but then would just transfer again saying that's what the next person can do but they never can. We had to employees that rudely and very disrespectfully told my wife "well you should of taken care of this before your brother died" not one but two people told us this. Which things were getting paid before that happened and after that I had to take off work so I could be with her at the funeral and help her get through this situation as he lived with us for two years. Then she would start crying because each new person she was transferred to would want her explanation as to why things were the way they are. It does not matter to say but before my current job at the railroad I worked customer service for almost three years at Nebraska furniture mart, I would have and have seen people fired for speaking to customers in such a manner, I understand that you get rude and unbearable customers but to be so harsh to my wife about her brothers passing I just couldn't believe it. The last person we spoke to yesterday said there was no other. Manager she would transfer us to and that if we wanted to try all we can do is just call the 1800 number again and start the process all over again as she was not going to help us, she threatened to put our account into collections and then that would just be the end of it. If I did not need the internet for work and my wife's schooling I would just cancel the entire thing, which I was also told I can't do until I pay the entire past due and current bill and upcoming bill. From what I can tell they do not care about us as customers or to keep us as one, I have been with you guys for quite sometime, I've had you for wireless since I've owned a cell phone, uverse for the last two and half years at least. I just can't believe all this and how my wife was treated. Where can I go from here. I'm already looking into other options and like I said just canceling the entire cable and internet. As of now I want the cable canceled at least. I don't know if you will be able to help at all or what you can recommend but I just can't let my wife do this anymore as it's just causing her more depression on top of dealing with her brothers death.
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Re: My trouble I've been having with uverse.

Hello, Nick_s.


Thanks for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about your recent experiences, and I'm sorry for your loss as well. If you don't mind, please send us a private message by clicking here so we can get this sorted out for you as quickly as possible.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, please feel free to message me with any additional questions or concerns! Once again, I apologize for any frustration and inconvenience.



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Re: My trouble I've been having with uverse.

I did send a message earlier this morning. I just sent another at the link you provided. Thank you for the response on here. Hopefully we will have a better experience getting help with you than with the people we have previously dealt with on the phone.

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