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My AT&T Uverse Experience


My AT&T Uverse Experience

To Whom it May Concern:


I had Uverse Cable and Internet before at a previous residence and the experience was relitively pleasent so when I moved into my new house 2 years ago it was too bad that AT&T did not provide Uverse at my location.  I subsequently got DirecTV (fantastic all-around) and Internet through Time Warner (so-so).  I recently checked and was happy to see that Uverse was now available at my location a) because I was looking forward to a better Internet experience, and b) because DirecTV bundles with AT&T for a less-expensive overall bill.  I was only slightly hesitent because of previous bad experience with Cingular several years ago, and as a former Apple employee I never had a good customer service interaction with AT&T when setting up customers with iPhones.


So, I called DirecTV so that I could get the ball rolling on a bundle and one of their always excellent service reps set me up with the AT&T plan I wanted and said I could be slotted for installation the next day (!).  I just needed to confirm my installation appointment with AT&T as (understandably) appointments set through a separate company (DirecTV) was not guaranteed until I confirmed with AT&T, who supposidly would contact me.  Sounded good.  I was ready for my upgraded Internet.


The next day came, the installation time frame passed, and I had not yet heard from AT&T.  I checked my email and in addition to the emails with confirmation of my order of service I had received the previous day, I now had a new email that said that AT&T "could not process" my order and had a 1-888 number to call to resolve this.  I called and the "agent" gave me no reason WHY my order "couldn't be processed", she just confirmed my name, phone number, address, and set up my installation for FIVE days later with no explaination as to why I got nothing but an email asking for me to call them, nor a solution such as an installation sooner than FIVE days later than my original appointment.  I understand that appointment fill up, but I don't understand the lack of reconciliation AT&T offers their customers when a mistake is made.  The agent then gave me a number to call to speak with someone that might be able to "further assist me" with my questions.


I called that number and was on hold for an hour and five minutes before I hung up and got on the chat on the ATT website.  I ended up chatting with 3 different representatives, as each would refer me to a different representative who was "better suited" to handle my issue.  At this point, I just wanted to talk to someone that had any sort of logic and not an agent with only ready-made answers to give me.  I ended the last interaction on the chat asking to chat or talk to a supervisor and since he was "busy" the agent said he'd call within 24 hours.  (approx 48 hours ago as I type this)  So that's 4 pass-offs, an hour on hold to get NOBODY, and 48 hours of no-calls from AT&T.  Oh, and I was emailed a survey asking to rate the "service" I received.  And, since I was honest and rated according to my displeasure, the survey concluded asking if I would like a representative to call and try and resolve my issues.  I clicked 'yes'...yet no call there either.  That was 24 hours ago.  So another no-call.  


I tried to get on the chat tonight to get an email where I could write my concern, but the chat was "too busy."  I have no way to express my discontent as a new customer other than the "community" chatroom.  


I just don't understand why AT&T seems to not want to reconcile a situation with a new (or any) customer who had a bad experience.  They want you to roll with the punches, while all of their competitors would at least talk to the customer, and probably try and find a solution that is mutually agreeable.  DirecTV not only would do this but they are ahead of the game and they CALL YOU in advance to ask you how things are going.  If ANYTHING is not to your liking, they listen and even sometimes credit you with something tangible like a bill credit or a discount on a channel, etc.  


WHY DOES AT&T REFUSE TO BUDGE WHEN THEY MAKE A MISTAKE?  A multi-billion dollar corporation doesn't need to be this stubborn.  It's frustrating because the Uverse product is good.  But any miscommunication or mishap and the customer is left leaving a post in a chatroom that will likely not be read???  "Frustration" is a major understatement.  THIS must be how Time Warner keeps their customers.  Stay average and let AT&T mess up even with NEW customers, and they'll always go back to ole Time Warner and their average customer service and average products.  But at least they'll speak to you.



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Re: My AT&T Uverse Experience

Why I understand your frustrated,I do not see how ATT refuses to budge as they made no mistake.
A person not from ATT scheduled a tentative appointment waiting official approval.
Normal installs are generally 1 to 3 weeks out, your email asked for conformation of your order to schedule your install.
That installation is in five days (less than week),

The only misunderstanding that I can see is failure to contact ATT directly to place your order avoided middle man confusion.
But even agent said your order would need to be confirmed, not confirm installation but order.

Now you could ask to be placed on a waiting list in case someone cancels but that would likely mean an installation at any time with a 2 hour notice.

But that's just my thoughts.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: My AT&T Uverse Experience

David.......I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


They can look into the matter and get you fixed up.

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Re: My AT&T Uverse Experience

Hello, daveswt80!


Thanks for posting.I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience. As BeeBeeSA suggested, please send us a private message using the link provided in BeeBeeSA's response.


In the meantime, please feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: My AT&T Uverse Experience

Thank you.  I will send a PM to that link.  I appreciate the response.

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