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Move up installation date?


Move up installation date?

Is there any way to move up the installation date? I ordered Uverse on 8/24/13 and the earliest they said they can get service installed is 9/9/13. I was told to keep checking the online calendar for cancellations, but I am wondering if that is a lost cause. Anyone else have any tips? I'd love to get everything installed before college football starts up, or at least the NFL season. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Move up installation date?

I suggest calling the 2020 number at least a couple of times a week to see if there have been any install cancellations.  You can also click on the hyperlink in my sig and send Customer Care a PM with your request.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, who can help you get this resolved.  Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification.

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