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Motorola NVG 510 vs PACE 5301-NV

Motorola NVG 510 vs PACE 5301-NV

I have both a Motorola NVG 510 & PACE 5301-NV, aside from the Motorola 510 supportinng IPv6 which is enabled in my area, were as the PACE 5301-NV does not support IPv6 until AT&T updates the firmware with support for it, it there any reason to choose the Motorla over the PACE?

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Re: Motorola NVG 510 vs PACE 5301-NV

If your on ADSL2+ profile, the 510 is the only approved unit, UFO and CIM techs are to replace any 5031 on ipdslam with the 510 RG.
5031s will not receive any updates outside of vdsl profiles.
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