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Modems + U-verse woes


Modems + U-verse woes

Hello, and thank you for taking a look at this!


Well, we orginally had AT&T DSL internet and thus the house was wired for that (may come into play with my current issue.)


About a year ago, maybe more, maybe less, we upgraded to U-verse because of the faster speeds.


We were sent a Motorola Netopia 2210-02 ADSL Modem, and all was swell. Had to make the occasional reboot and even a few resets, but for living in the cornfields and having 6mbps service was pretty good.


However, about a week ago, we starting having issues, the internet would frequently stop working, and after 10min - 4 hours, would magically work again, then 10min - 4hrs later, stop working, and so forth.


I went into the modem configuration page and took a look at the log, where there were many many DNS issues:


013-12-24T01:55:17Z | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server 
2013-12-24T01:55:23Z | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 1 times
2013-12-24T01:55:45Z | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server 
2013-12-24T01:55:56Z | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 2 times
2013-12-24T01:56:04Z | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server 
2013-12-24T02:06:34Z | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server 
2013-12-24T02:09:07Z | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 2 times
2013-12-24T02:09:15Z | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server 
2013-12-24T02:09:24Z | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server 

 Being that I was able to ping the server using my cellphone (tethering FTW) and that when I called AT&T they had said that they were able to connect to my modem just fine, we figured it was the modem.


So, this morning the tech came out and replaced the modem with the new(er) Motorola NVG150, he checked the wiring outside and in the basement (where it enters the house) and everything seemed swell. Internet was working, he took off. Not a few minutes after he left it had stopped working, so I went and checked on the modem- it had rebooted, and then again, and again. Eventuall it did stabilize and connect without rebooting. But this lasted 5 minutes, and the cycle started again.


What really boggles my mind is that its a full restart, not a loss of connection, but it restarts fully- because my computers all loose connection to both the internet and network, plus all the lights go through the power cycle (even "ethernet" light).



So- in the end, I went back with the older modem... But its still having issues.




Strangely- when the modem does stop connecting ( once again, back to the 2210 modem now) things in connection would *usually* stay that way, for example, I was in a skype call, and that continued to work, but I could not browse the internet- now, I searched the direct IP address for google, and that worked, for the most part, but sometimes it wouldn't connect.


Figuring this was a DNS issue on the modems part- I've tried manually setting the DNS server on my computer to google's ( & but, that didn't sovle the issue.


I've been on the phone twice, and on the online chat once. Every diagnostic and test showed up fine on their end. For the modem- it fails at "IP" with "ping default gateway" everytime, even when my connection is actually working ( AND this happens on both modems), because of this, it doesn't go on to test the DNS servers connection.


I'm thoroughly confused, and any pointers in the right direction would be most appreiciated. If you need any more information, feel free to ask.


Thank you,



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Re: Modems + U-verse woes

Hello @imarki360 


This is an odd issue indeed. Are you using more than one computer or device? Are they all having these issues?


We have a team of U-verse specialists, they're very good and resourceful, we should be able to offer more help. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: Modems + U-verse woes

Hi, and thanks for helping me out!

Yes, I've tried it with multiple devices, usually the modem (2210) goes to linksys router, but i've also tried connecting a pc directly to it, and infact, another computer that is a DHCP/DNS NAT router for its own network, and nothing works.

With the NVG150, I've tried the same devices, plus the built-in wifi, but, as i've mentioned this is even worse, as not only does online fail, it fully reboots, meaning a loss of home network (and my server doesn't seem to appreciate that bit).

I will contact the U-verse Specialists for support as well.

Thank you,

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Re: Modems + U-verse woes

Hi @imarki360 


We have received your Private Message and we'll be glad to assist you. Smiley Happy

- MorganCS
- ATTU-verseCare


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