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MAC Filtering -- blocked device list


MAC Filtering -- blocked device list

I have a 2-wire 3801HGV and use the MAC filtering and do not broadcast the SSID.  I've assumed (yeah I know what assume gets you) that pushing the [rescan for devices] button is supposed to check for MAC's that are trying to access the wireless and display them in the blocked list.  However, it's never worked for me.  I always have to disable the MAC filtering then I can see the MAC, then re-enable the filtering.  It didn't use to be a pain, but now as more and more wireless devices are coming and going (kids home from college for summer) it's becoming a pain.  I know I can manually add them, but that's a pain too.


So I guess my questions are :


1) Am I doing something wrong?

2) Is this a feature of the 2-wire box and I need an update?


On my wishlist for this:


** on the device listings, allow us to add a text description to be associated with a particular MAC so we'll know what device that MAC is when we look at the list in the future.  **    I know I can go to other pages and find clues, but really guys the programmers should make the program user friendly.

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Re: MAC Filtering -- blocked device list

I have the NVG Gateway, and my MAC filtering doesn't work AT ALL!! What's the deal? How about a firmware update ATT?


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