Loss of signal


Loss of signal

My power went out this morning now I cannot get a signal on wireless tv receiver it say cannot connect or access point not found. I just got the uverse last week

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Re: Loss of signal

The wireless receiver needs to connect to WAP, the WAP needs to connect to RG, the RG needs to connect to NID, all three needs to connect to POWER.

As other services are working, yes? RG has connection to NID and power.
As wireless receiver fails to connect, known to have power, but what about signal strength?
If good signal strength then Wireless Access Point has power.
No signal strength check WAP for power.

Is there a link light on wifi receiver? Yes connected to RG, no is not connected.

If WAP has power check Ethernet cable between WAP and RG.
Can try replacing Ethernet cable or moving cable to a different yellow port on back of RG.

Please post if resolved or not, thanks.
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