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Long Wait Times for Transfer of U-verse Service


Long Wait Times for Transfer of U-verse Service

I have received purchased a new home.  We are planning to move into our new home on Saturday, July 20th.  A few days ago, I completed a transfer of services request using the AT&T online system.  After about an hour or so, I received an email that provided me with an appointment on Tuesday, August 6th, approximately 18 days away. 


I contacted AT&T and they informed me that there was nothing they could do.  I informed them that my job requires me to conduct some work from home utilizing the internet and that 18 days would be unacceptable.  And once again, I was informed that there is nothing they can do they are only going by what is on the calendar.  However, they did give me the option to continue to call back to see if any appointments have been cancelled or added to the calendar.  This just seems so unacceptable for someone who has been a customer with AT&T for many years. 


AT&T should have the ability to quickly take care of current customers since we are the ones that generate monthly revenue for the company.  However, AT&T is only concerned about generating new revenue by trying to get as many new customers as possible to offset those that decide to look for new internet, phone, and TV providers.


As recommended, I contacted AT&T this morning at 6:00 a.m.  After about 20 minutes, I was able to move my appointment from August 6th to August 1st.  However, this appointment date is still unacceptable.  I am not a customer that asks for much.  I know most people will call in the AT&T after their "promotional rates" have expired threatening to cancel their service in hopes of getting the "promotional rates" extended.  I don't believe in that.  If I like the products or services being offered, I will stay with the company even with an increase in rates.  However, I expect the company to be just as dedicated as I am when it comes to taking care of me.


If I have to wait until August to get our service transferred to our new home, I will probably begin looking at other companies to see what they have to offer.  CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ESSENTIALLY FOR ANY BUSINESS THAT WISHES TO SURVIVE IN THIS NEW TECH WORLD.  Customers nowadays have the ability to "bargain shop" online and read reviews about companies.  This new technology has created major issues for a lot of companies even causing some to go out of business.






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Re: Long Wait Times for Transfer of U-verse Service

Depending on area,the number of techs available, and number of requests received, customer availability all factor into install date.

New area opening ie San Fran with limited train techs wait time can be 6 weeks, most established areas 2-3 weeks (you stated 18 days within accepted frame)
If area had say 100 techs have to cover 7 days so 70-75 techs per day to cover installs and repairs, installs are 9-11, 11-1, 1-3 with only x number allowed per slot.
Repairs are 8-12,12-4,4-8 with most repairs in 4-8 but if you work second shift you need earlier appointment. They attempt for repairs within 24 hours so no installs scheduled after 3 pm. If techs call in sick or take personnel day fewer available to cover workload have seen 1-3 appointments being dispatched at 5 pm, installs completed at 9-10 pm.
Order system looks at number of techs scheduled for that day and allows x number of jobs to be taken, when filled start filling next date.
Ideally if know your moving 30 or more days and place a request should be accommodated, if you placed request a few days ago (15th?) Then 2-3 weeks lead time places you august 5-10h, you have already moved up 5 days congrats, keep trying if you want but they cannot give an appointment if no time slot exists.
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Re: Long Wait Times for Transfer of U-verse Service

"installs are 9-11, 11-1, 1-3 with only x number allowed per slot."


If installs only took 2 hours it wouldn't be that bad.  In my 3 installs the shortest time it took was 3 hours and the longest (where I live now) took over 5.  It's not like cable where they come in, hook up a box and leave. Many time new cables need to be run from the VRAD to your location which is done prior to the tech coming and doing the inside job.In areas where UVerse is new it can and does take longer to get the needed techs out. 

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Re: Long Wait Times for Transfer of U-verse Service

Not saying installs only take two hours THE APPOINTMENT windows are two hours.
I am a late tech (noon-8:30) but start at 10 am (load truck dispatched and leave garage by 10:30) normally get a 8-12 repair followed by a 1-3 install and two more repairs for the day normally back at garage between 9-10pm average 11 hours/day.
But there are times I pick up 11-1 install right away or worse 9-11 install with .5-.75 hour drive time, work at crossbox and arrive at cx location 11:30.
Some pre wired apartments or homes can be in and out quickly (less than 2 hours) but generally a 3 box, internet, voip with new NID, new home run, education on services will be 4-6 hours depending on problems (outside line guy needed, provision issues, equipment issues, inside wiring)

Many day techs (8am) do two installs per day with no or little repairs (about 45-50 jobs per month), late techs doing more repairs will be between 75-85 jobs per month.

Solution to take care of more customers in less time, hire more techs....they have been...constantly....check att employment always find openings for premise techs, once hired a tech undergoes 2 months of training before starting on load, so new hire on July 1st will not make an impact to work scheduling till Sept 1st. Not helping OPs current quest for install within 1 week or less of ordering service, more people move in summer months than winter months.
Techs in slow areas are even sent to help overloaded areas, we have sent crews to Cincinnati Ohio, Pontiac Mich., Madison WI, this year

Next the current employees more...spend 9-10 months per year on mandatory 10 hour days with requests to work six days per week, union contract allows forced 17 hours of overtime per week after that employee has right to refuse additional hours regardless of work load, so dispatch needs to guess how long jobs will take, how many techs schedule to work and plan work load accordingly, balancing customer service with employee home life/satisfaction.

None of this matters to OP, he just wants his service ASAP, the same as everyone else, and the attempt is to treat everybody the same (new and old accounts), if the OP could show he is being discriminated against that is a different issue, if not I hope my rambling thoughts shed a little light . Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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