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Line Conditioning????


Line Conditioning????

What exactly is line conditioning?  I had an appointment to get UVerse installed last week, but the installer never showed up.  I called once and had no luck, and the latest was that the engineers had to do "line conditioning".  I told the rep if UVerse is not available to me, just let me know.  She assured me that it is available, but they needed to do line conditioning first to my "premise".  She gave no estimated time, which leads me to believe it will be a long wait.  I have been receiving post cards that say I can get it.


So here's my question - if work is needed prior to me getting the service, wouldn't that mean that it is not yet available?


Also, how long do these things usually take?  I would love to have the service, but will go with other options if I have an extended wait ahead of me.

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Re: Line Conditioning????

Uverse is AT&T product delivered mainly on copper phone lines.
Phone lines were initialled ran to multiple addresses for various connections.
As voice is a very low frequency not an issue, when DSL modems were released requiring a higher frequency range still not a major problem to have mutiple connections either outside plant or inside house phone wiring to multiple jacks.

Uverse is a form of DSL known as VDSL when video (IPTV) subscriptions are involved and requires a clean line from source to the gateway aka RG or residential gateway.

This requires the removal of all other connections to provide the clear path needed. Depending on your area, the outside plant (wiring) may be on poles, in underground tunnels or buried in the ground. The number and locations can vary to 30 or more points that have to be corrected. This takes time based on number of local outside techs sometimes referred to as engineers available and amount of work needed to be accomplished.

Your address has been turned GREEN meaning you are in range of a local cabinet to have service.
Uverse is distance based... the longer the distance the lower the service available.

Once the outside work is completed, an appointment will be scheduled.
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Re: Line Conditioning????

Thank you for your response.  One other question - when you mention video subscriptions - do you mean that I may be able to get the internet and phone only prior to them getting the TV-appropriate lines up and running?


Thanks again.

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Re: Line Conditioning????

MT may be doing an install or repair, So I will try to start on your answer -


Video internet and phone can work at greater distances than TV, so there may be distant areas that cannot include TV. But, if it is a TV supported area. TV, internet and voice all ride the same broadband signal and full service would be installled together as ordered.


Is that what you are asking?

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Re: Line Conditioning????

I am basically wondering if I might could change my order to only get internet and phone now, and add TV at a later date.

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Re: Line Conditioning????

You can do that. I have seen some posts about it. I believe that there are at least two downsides -


TV is what they want you to buy ( especially as a bundle with the other services), so the perks come with TV. Perks like lower price & free install.


Also, you would have to buy an RG for internet service. When you add TV you will get a new RG that you rent. So, any install charges & the cost of the RG are lost. There may even be another install charge on the TV.


There may be others, but, that would be enough for me to make every effort to install my full service on one install.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Line Conditioning????

Thank you.  I think I will try to wait a while to see if the issue gets resolved.  I would definitely prefer to have the entire package.  

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