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Lied to by AT&T representative to collect a debt


Lied to by AT&T representative to collect a debt

Was told yesterday that in order to set up new service I needed to pay an outstanding bill that I was unaware of and that I was not going to be required to pay a deposit! So today, I paid my outstanding balance and set up new cell service with AT&T and was transfered over to Uverse who then informed me that I was required to provide a $500 deposit! In my opinion, I was lied to to collect a debt.  My budget is extremely tight and I am now out that $170 that I wouldve used to pay my current cable provider and hv NO NEW service with At&T and no way to pay my current bill. I know in a company as large as AT&T that someone higher up has the ability to waive that deposit requirement based on what an AT&T rep told me. Is AT&T in the business of not standing behind what their reps tell people?! This is reprehensible and someone needs to do something to get this resolved asap. I have literally spent about 5 hours on the phone today trying to get this resolved and am beyond frustrated! All I want is to get new service and save my family money. I am, willing to do an automatic debit every month if thats what it will take. Can anyone help me? My next step is to contact the attorney general and the BBB and possibly ABC news if I have to. Please contact me asap!

Regards, Dianne Caudill

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Re: Lied to by AT&T representative to collect a debt

I think you are basically saying that you cannot pay your current provider, having paid AT&T an overdue balance.  This raises two issues:   1. Your AT&T balance was overdue to begin with.  2.  You apparently don't have adequate funds at this time to pay for your service even if AT&T provides additional services and agrees to autopayment.  If AT&T did say they would waive a deposit, do you have that in writing?  It is my understanding that the TOS includes a provision for a deposit as a function of credit history.  I am playing devil's advocate here to make the point that any verbal agreements are not binding, to the best of my knowledge; and that failure to make timely payments is a common basis in business (not just AT&T) for a deposit requirement, or cancellation of service. I doubt from your information that a deposit would be waived, but you can try to PM AT&T Customer Care with your issue.  They are not the same as CS/TS--they are social media managers who can connect you with the right people to try to solve your problem.   Include your name, account number and contact information, and look for a reply in about 1-2 business days.  Just check the small blue envelope in the upper right hand area of your screen.  Good luck.


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Re: Lied to by AT&T representative to collect a debt

Well right there if you payed that outstanding balance, now you are eligible for services... If you were not aware of those charges you could've gone through the fraud department, but you agreed to them and decided to pay....


Now about waiving that $449 advance payment - No matter how high the latter you go (rep ---> supervisor ----> a few more supervisors ----> a manager) No one is able to waive that charge.... its not a deposit... its an advance payment that goes towards your bills.... That is the amount for getting tv and it is based on your credit.... for every new service att runs a credit check and well if it came up as "High Risk" then thats on your end and there is no way around the $449 advance payment to get services.....


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