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Last chance to retain us as customers


Last chance to retain us as customers

I've talked with numerous underlings and finally, finally, an actual supervisor about our situation and she assured me,

not unsympathetically, that there is nothing I can do or no one to whom I can speak above her pay grade. I find this unbelieveable. There's got to be someone high enough up the food chain to listen to a reasonable request and have the authority to override At&t Policy in order to keep a loyal customer. We had U-Verse phone and internet for over a year, waiting for another television company's contract to expire. When it did, we waited for a good incentive program from U-verse, which came along in the form of a $200 VISA gift card. We signed up and were happy with the service. Enter the snag: someone wanted to buy our home AND had to move in as a renter before the sale and agreed to some pretty generous terms (generous to us) in order to do so. We scrambled, found a rental, and had to drop U-verse because the community only uses Hotwire. We're only here until the sale of the house closes, and we purchase another home in a few weeks. We missed the ABSOLUTE, ETCHED IN STONE 30 days necessary for the gift card by a few days. We'd signed up in good faith, never expecting to have to drop it, but now we'll be moving into a home already set up with U-verse. At&t will literally only have to change the first name on the account, and we're golden. Except we have a $236 outstanding bill with them, which my husband doesn't think we should pay. It's left a bad taste in our mouths. IF we used them again, they stand to make much more off of us for the next however-long-we-live than $200 but because some people have knowingly signed up for fraudulent services, no one is able to see that retaining a longterm customer is worth this? I'd gladly pay the $36. But there are a lot of companies that will give us the same business and not treat us like we're just an account number. Okay. Maybe they all do that. I was hoping for more from At&t, however.

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Re: Last chance to retain us as customers

While some people complain out outsourced customer service, I've dealt with other companies that use outsource agents as well, including the one I work for, and there are times when I've actually had better and more professional service.  There are times when a US agent feels that the job is beneath them and they are just doing it until something better comes along.  For the outsourced agent, many times this is the better job.

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