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LIVE Player Plug-in


LIVE Player Plug-in

 i am trying to access from my windows 8.1 laptop with all of the updates , IE 11.  I tried from the desktop and from the tiles with no success.  I am able to signin, I just cannot get the live plugin install prompt to come up.  I disabled the windows firewall with still no luck.





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Re: LIVE Player Plug-in

well, I connected to my windows 7 computer at work and the plugin installed just fine.  I guess the plugin does not like windows 8.1???


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Re: LIVE Player Plug-in

I tried to set it up on my Win 7 computer and after I signed in and tried to watch a live channel.  I got "Microsoft Silverlight Required To Play This Video"  Error 13.  I have Silverlight installed on my computer but I am still getting the error.  Any help is appreciated.

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