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LIED to by an ATT representative


LIED to by an ATT representative

Our company recently relocated to South Carolina from California. We had a contract landline with ATT in California which had been very good for us so decided to stick with ATT in South Carolina.


Before setting up the new service/having 2 landlines installed, I phoned customer service re the California account and was told that, since we were carrying on with an ATT contract, we would not be charged any early termination fees (I have the reps name and the time the call was placed). So.....I went ahead and took out a whole new contract (more expensive than our previous one I might add!) and phoned up to cancel the California number. Low and behold......this time I was told there would be a termination fee!! Thanks ATT! 


So A LIE I was told to influence my decision to take out another contract. DECEPTION seems to be one of their tactics! I don't really want to fund a company that works in this way and am going to try my best to get out of the new contract because god knows what they will tell me in the future! 


Should I have been charged this early termination fee? Fair enough if I should have been but surely I shouldn't have been told a lie by them?

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Re: LIED to by an ATT representative

Welcome netfx and thank you for posting.


I appologize for the misinformation and any issues it may have caused. I assure you it's not AT&T's "tactic" of any king, and in fact it hurts AT&T because it created false churn. When did you place your order? And did you already cancel your old service? Please let us take a look, we have a team of amazing managers that can help. Please send us a private message with your name, phone number and the best time we can reach you.




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