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LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI


LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI


 I have a LCD Samsung tv and my problem is that everytime I turn the tv off and turn it back on the screen shows "no signal". The only way I can get picture is disconnecting the cable from either the receiver or my tv and then reconnecting it. I have already try with a different hdmi cable and still the same.  

  I have another TV connected the same way and that one works fine with the HDMI cable.

 Any suggestions??

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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI

Not all TVs are created equal.... there are different standards used in HDMI, the best work around for your issue is replace the HDMI cable to component (5 cable ends).

As tv signal signals coming in are either 720p or 1080i, the component cables works fine.
Where an HDMI cable is needed is 1080p (bluray for example), in which case connect bluray to HDMI port, uverse to component, change input on TV based on desired viewing.
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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI

 I just tried using the component cables and get picture after I turn TV back on, but image it's not the best though.

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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI

Frost29 - Did you try all the HDMI jacks on the TV?

One thing you can try is to turn on the TV first, instead of the STB. You can test this by turning on the TV with the TV remote, then the STB with the OK button. Do the disconnect/connect cable first so that the turn off does not leave it in a bad condition. Then try the test a few times. Although you can't really turn them off in the same order without reprograming the remote

For TV first - att/ok (together) - 977- TV- att- enter (bottom right) - TV is both on and off first
For individual power - att/ok-977-enter
Individual power - the power follows the mode button - e.g. to toggle power att-power-tv-power.
This allows you to add more delay between devices & Turn TV on first and off last or vice-versa.

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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI


                 Just tried everything you suggested, first TV on, then  STB, etc,etc, but still no results.  The only way to get picture with the HDMI cable is if I plug/ unplug from either TV or STB after turning it back on or if I reset the STB by holding power bottom 10 secs, then I get picture too.  (There is only one HDMI port on my TV by the way).

 It seems to me that the stb is not supplying enough power to TV when it's on stand by mode.

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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI

My son has a samsung tv and subscribes to directv. He had a similar problem where his input worked for a period then stopped and gave a no signal display on the tv. We moved hdmi inputs and that worked for a short while, only to repeat the same problem. Samsung has an input that supports something called (ARC).I think it"s audio return channel. We found an option on his yamaha receiver that allowed this function and enabled the feature. All works fine now, perhaps you could have a similar problem. Do you connect straight from stb to tv?


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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI

I have a Samsung TV with the same problem.  I called Samsung and they said it is a handshaking issue and are working on a solution.  But they said to get around this to turn on you cable box first and wait about 5 seconds then turn on your tv.  I tried that and have not had a problem since.  I hope this helps.

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Re: LCD Samsug tv wont recognize HDMI

Thank you db! I will try that right now.
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