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Kudos Posts Leaderboard - Bug + Request


Kudos Posts Leaderboard - Bug + Request

I have two things to report about the Kudos Posts leaderboard, accessible here:


1. This is a bug.  On this leaderboard, it is supposed to list all posts that have been kudoed in the time frame that you've selected at the top (I believe it defaults to posts within the last 24 hours).  However, when this posts leaderboard exceeds 1 page, the listings are not accurate.


Sometimes, on page 2 or later pages, there are duplicate entries that were also on page 1 or previous pages.  Also, sometimes there are kudoed posts in the forum that fall within the selected time range (default: 24 hours) that do not appear on any page.



2. This is a request.  The last column listed for all the kudoed posts is the posting date/time.  This would be more helpful if it was the date/time the post was kudoed rather than the date it was posted.  Also, the posts should probably be ordered by the kudoed date (descending, i.e. the most-recently kudoed post at the top).


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Re: Kudos Posts Leaderboard - Bug + Request

Thanks for your observations and request, SomeJoe.


Allow me to research this and I will send it off to the tech team.


We appreciate your input!

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Re: Kudos Posts Leaderboard - Bug + Request

Good point SJ.


What would be nice is whenever you bring up any list type page (by clicking "View All")  that they could be actively resorted by the column headers.


I like to make sure to follow up on threads I've participated in, so when I check my recent posts, I have to make sure to go through several pages to make sure I don't miss anything, and after waiting for 6 or 7 pages to load, I get tired of waiting, so some threads/posts may go unanswered.


One more suggestion. Put a link next the user name on each post for sending that user a PM.



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Re: Kudos Posts Leaderboard - Bug + Request

The first kudo in my Kudoed post list is a post I made in April.  I have to assume that the Kudo was recent, but it would be nice if the list made that clear.


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