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Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

Have tried 4 modems. 3 of them have the same power issues. They just died suddenly and the power light won't be on anymore. The power adaptors are good though. They have been connected both to wall outlet directly or through a surge protector. One thing I found is that if I connect the died modems to power outlet for a long time (such as overnight), the power light will finally turn back on, but the wireless will have ~0 signal afterwards. So far the 4th modem has no power issues, but the wireless signal is significantly weaker than the other 3.


I am just wondering if anyone else has similar experience? (So far, I have found one previous post with exactly the same problem).

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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

I have a wireless problem and have sent back 2 modems already. I've talked to techs 3 times and they are not helpful like above. I don't want to go through this long hour process again where they tell me it's my line error when everything worked fine before.

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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

It seems that I'm now in this loop as well.


My first 3600HGV fried like others mention: I was watching a video, my connection dropped and didn't return. I went and looked at the device and no lights were on-but the power brick was lit up. Nothing was hot, nothing was smelling burnt. It refused to power up, until I let it sit unpowered for several minutes. WHen it came back online, it popped, sparked and smoked-but all lights came on and I had a wireless connection again. THe connection was flaky, though, and while weak it was usable. I got the HGV in November, so it's barely 3 months.


I called and had a replacement sent out, and within 24 hours had the wireless radio take a dump again. It didn't do the weird power thing, though. I lost my connection and went to look at it (expecting the same situation as last time), and instead just saw the wireless light out. I got technical support on the phone again and had to go through the process again...this time I had to have a technician come out and they won't be here until tomorrow.


I don't understand why Technicians are required for what seem to be KNOWN ISSUES with this device. ATT required that I purchase this device for $120 and it lasts between 24 hours and 3 months. My old Speedstream DSL modems would last years without failure. 


Is there a different piece of hardware U-Verse Internet customers can use? I'd love to get the equivalent of a Speedstream U-Verse modem in my house. Then I can worry about maintaining my own Router and Firewall and I can be responsible for breakdowns. Having to wait 24-72 hours for service or replacements is burdensome and I won't put up with it much more.


I'll update this thread after my visit tomorrow. I'm sure it will be interesting...

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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

The technician came out and asked me "So what seems to be the problem with your service"? I said "nothing, the service is fine. It's that P O S right there"-and pointed at the 3600HGV. He laughed, agreed with my estimation of the quality of the hardware, walked outside without another word and replaced the unit with a 3801.


According to my technician, he replaces the 3600 when he's at a location, even if it's not what he's there for.


I'm pleased with the resolution, but ATT, [what] is up with the 3600GHV? Your users know it's not a good piece of hardware. Your technicians know it's not a good piece of hardware. Why keep sending them out to customers?


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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

     It's interesting reading the posts about bad 3600HGV's in self install kits. I moved from DSL to Uverse in January of 2012. I had a not so good set up experience. Mine was scheduled for 7:00 pm in the evening. I get everything set up ready to go, power the 3600HGV up, hear the internal relays clicking on an off, and then to my surprise see a little puff of smoke come out through the vent holes. I'm a technically experienced individual and it was a burnt semiconductor smell. I like to blame myself first so I checked all connections, they were correct. Next I call for assistance, of course against my better judgment I submit to the usual rigmarole. Naturally its most likely operator error for the failure so a tech will be out the next day to resolve this. Being the technically competent person I am I get my hands on a 3800HGV-B with in the hour. I reset the 3800, plug everything in and viola all the magic happens I have a working connection! The next day the ATT tech calls before his visit, we have a short discussion. I convey the fact I resolved my problem, and that the stinky 3600HGV brick with “Made in CHENA” stamped on it was the problem- not me. No need for his help, case closed. I threw the 3600 back in it's box and forgot about it.

    As I was cleaning my work area out in my basement the other day I pulled the 3600 out of it's coffin and laughed. Then I googled to see if anyone else had this problem. You know when I had my problem tech support had never heard of a smoking 3600HGV before. Being a little over a year since I was shanghaied (ha ha) I was surprised I wasn't the only one that had this wonderful experience. Once again I googled on how to pop the bonnet on the 3600 to take a look around. To my surprise D1012 looked a little crispy. I get the power supply out apply power and D1012 starts to smoke. I pull power and laughed cause D1012 had finally completed its dance with death and better yet I have video recorded this for all the non-believers. Wow burn in was done at my house, tested product my arsh! Now I think back about the last year and about 3 other foreign made electronic devices I have gotten that have puked right out of the box or died prematurely. Now I'm getting frustrated because when you seek assistance, reimbursement, or even a “I'm sorry” it's evident they got your money and you got hosed and resolution will be a painful experience. I feel better now letting all the others know what that funny smell was that accompanied the loss of service. I have no bone to pick with ATT as fas as the internet service goes. It does what it says and has been robust(except for the 3600HGV) and trustworthy. Kudos to all of the hard working Americans that make that possible. I have nothing but absolute disdain for the imported crap that we are forced to live and die with because it makes the bottom line happy. Confucius once said “Good food not cheap, cheap food not good” or was it “Good product not cheap, cheap product, big margin, victimized customer”.



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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems


Thanks for sending us a PM.  I have notified one of our Social Media Managers and they will be in contact with you soon.


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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

I think I have a bad 3600 modem too.


It's an odd kind of defect that just occurred today. The tech tested the inside and outside wiring with his fancy electronic tools, and they were all within ideal specs, and he could sync just fine with his tools.


When the modem is connected to the telephone pole NID, it can sync.

When the modem is connected to the phone jack, it will keep trying to sync, but fail to, alternating between blinking yellow and red status lights. It's weird because it should be getting the same signal outside and inside the house.


Seems like there are so many weird problems with the 3600.


You guys are saying the 3800 doesn't have any problems?

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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

These modems are freaking terrible.  I had one just die completely and got a replacement, and because it was over a year old (like 13 months, of course) they made me buy a new one.  Then all of a sudden the WiFi radio stopped working on that one, and they sent a tech out with a replacement.  And what do you know, as soon as he pulled a new one out of the box and hooked it up, it wasn't working either!  So he gave me one of the TV ones (3800 i think), and even though i was told i wouldn't be charged anything for it....NOPE, they decided to slap me with a $100 charge even after i called them up and was told once more that the charge would be removed. And now i think this one is on it's last legs too...internet keeps randomly going out and i get the flasing red light.


AT&T customer support is such a rip off, and their equipment is the worst i have ever seen.  Seriously, let me buy my own quality modem and use it over the garbage you do a 90% markup on.

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Re: Keep getting BAD 2wire 3600HGV modems

Contact ATT Uverse Care here:

Send them a private message, on this link, and they should be able to give the help needed to solve your Uverse modem service problems. Response can take up to 2 business days.

This is not the regular CS/TS people, but the social media people that know the people to contact to get things done. I personally know as they've helped me on a DVR swap.

Include your account#, email address and a good phone # (land or cell) and time to contact you on.

Check the blue PM envelope, upper right, in case they replied this way. Good luck Smiley Wink



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