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Keep Lying AT&T!!!!


Keep Lying AT&T!!!!

First, I was told that installation fees were waived, and they showed up on my bill for the first month. I called them about it so they said they will upgrade me to a 12mpbs for $35.00 a month, which I accepted.


Well, the bill came out the next month and I was charged $42.00. Of course, the "promotion" was fake and I had to pay for the full amount. 


I called AT&T again to ask about my bill and the supervisor apologized and said he will let me keep my Internet plan for $25.95 as a discount for the inconvenience. But he said that I will have to pay $42 dollars this month and the $14 dollars will be credited into my account for the next month. 


The bill came up this month to be 60 dollars this month and there was no "credits" that he spoke of. This is completely ridiculous and I hate to call to act like I am trying to bargain for a lower price or something.


AT&T has been deceiving and dishonest, and I don't think that's a good way to treat their customers.



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Re: Keep Lying AT&T!!!!

I had unexpected plumbing bill (450.00) because of the cold weather we just had and all my pipes froze and busted. My ss check every month is 714. I repeatly ask ATT if they have any cheeper plans and its always the same,' you are on the cheepest plan' until I look on line and try to get to the correct topic to find there are other plans much cheeper then mine. I used to be able to pay sometimes 2 months at a time which helped me alot but now if you are 10 days late will too bad. I have had to talk with rude woman on the phone, why the men seem to be more polite I do not know. I have not switched around using differant phone companies over the past 40 years, always stayed with ma bell, now ATT. Does that make any differance? ATT needs to lose their loyal customers and and we need to go to Magic Jack and pay 80.00 for 5 years of service. He gets long distance,call waiting,and it doesnt interfer with his internet, so if ATT can't help thier LOYAL customers, I have another option

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Re: Keep Lying AT&T!!!!

Hello @nw39 


I'm sorry for all the problems you're having with AT&T. I know how frustrating billing issues can be and we want to help. Please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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