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Just got ATT UVerse phone & Internet. Unable to get incoming calls now!


Just got ATT UVerse phone & Internet. Unable to get incoming calls now!

We just got UVerse phone & internet installed this past weekend.  It was a terrible experience.  First of all, the 1st installation guy uninstalled my old phone and internet service and then realized the address was labeled wrong on their 'boxes' and told us "he was dead in the water and couldn't do anything more until the Outside technician came out and fixed his piece"  So he left and we had no phone or internet.  So I sat and waited for the 'Outside technician' who finally came and was there for over 3 hours and apparently fixed his piece but told me the Outside techs and Inside techs work on 2 separate systems so he couldn't help more. So I had to wait until the Inside technician came back and finished the installation.   I called ATT customer support 3 times Saturday night and was very unhappy because I could never get a direct phone # to call and talk to a human w/o going through all those prompts.   After being told by the 3rd person (who I had trouble understanding)...that we were not going to be able to have the Inside tech come back until the next day (Sunday) between  12pm and 4pm, which at that time I asked to talk to their supervisor.  I finally talked to the supervisor and explained my situation.   He got my ticket escalated to between 8 and 12noon pm Sunday.  When the tech showed up he did not know any history of what we dealt with on  Saturday because his ticket was labeled as a 'repair' instead of an installation.  He did perform the installation, but when he was done we could not get 'incoming' calls.  This poor tech tried calling ATT himself several times getting them to help him remotely and he had the same kind of problems I did!  Finally ATT had to escalate our issue and I've not heard anything more since.  This is not the fault of the Inside technician that showed up on Sunday, he was very polite and tried helping as much as he could.  It just seems like ATT needs to get their support staff more trained, because he was transferred to several different people himself and still did not get any help.  I feel like pulling all our services and going with another vendor.  

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Re: Just got ATT UVerse phone & Internet. Unable to get incoming calls now!

Here is what you do.  Click on the hyperlink in my sig for AT&T Customer Care and you will be taken to their PM page.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, who can help you get your issue resolved.  Send them a PM with your info and the issue and someone will be in touch with you.  Watch the little blue envelope at the top of the screen for message notification as they will reply to you via PM as well.

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