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Jose lied to me about switching to Uverse from DirecTV


Jose lied to me about switching to Uverse from DirecTV

On July 9 (or maybe the 10th) I called AT&T wireless to address some issues with our wireless plan (usage).  The issue arose after the call when Jose informed me of a promotion for Uverse.  He said I could get the exact channels/receivers and High Definition for much lower than I was paying DirecTV.  I was hesitant to switch from DirecTV to Uverse based on the cancellation fee that DirecTV would charge.  Jose assured me (as did his manager) that since AT&T acquired DirecTV they would waive any cancellation fees associated with the DirecTV account.  He also said that my service would cost $81 per month for "exactly" the same channels/services I had with DirecTV.  Furthermore, he said the installer/customer service would cancel my DirecTV account without my involvement.  And to top it off, he said I would receive a $250 check (for switching to Uverse) within a few weeks after our Uverse install.  Nothing that Jose stated regarding Uverse was correct.  I feel like this is a bait and switch tactic being used to lure DirecTV customers onto the Uverse platform.  I have 3 friends that have had this exact same experience when switching to Uverse from DirecTV.


 So prior to the installation I looked at the order to confirm the services.  I did not see HD or HBO/Showtime so I called to discuss the order on July 14th (I believe).  The CSR (I don’t recall his name) stated that Jose gave me bad pricing and didn’t enter the order with HD or HBO/Showtime.  He was able to get the order corrected before the install (with the exception of HD which we needed to call to activate). 


Overall it was a terrible experience and has taken many hours of my time to correct and it still hasn’t been corrected.  I have since cancelled my service with DirecTV (with CSR Ernie in West Virginia) and they have informed me that since the merger isn’t complete that they are still operating as two separate entities there isn’t much they can do.  I find this unacceptable.  I would not be in this situation had your CSR (Jose) not mislead me.  I would have never considered switching if I knew I would still owe DirecTV (now at&t) a cancellation fee of a few hundred dollars.  This is explicitly discussed in my phone conversation with Jose and his manager on July 9-10; I welcome you to pull the conversation and review it.


My request is simply this:  Waive the cancellation fees on my DirecTV account and issue me my $250 bonus for switching to Uverse as Jose promised.  


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Re: Jose lied to me about switching to Uverse from DirecTV

Rather than just post in an user community forum, I'd suggest that you click this AT&T logoCustomer Service link to send a Private Message (PM) to the AT&T customer service team to help you resolve your request. You can expect a reply via return PM (the blue envelope envelope will appear in the upper right hand corner of this site, next to your avatar and name) in a business day or three.

To speed things up, include your AT&T Account Number and the best way and time to contact you.  Note that your account numbers have been removed from your post for your own protection.

However, I suspect that while you might get the $250 from AT&T to help cover the cancellation fee from DirecTV, AT&T has no authority to waive that DirecTV charge.

Anyway, click the link and see what they will do.


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Re: Jose lied to me about switching to Uverse from DirecTV

Thanks for the info!  I have done just as you suggested.

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