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Issues getting Netflix to work on LG SMART TV via U-Verse

Issues getting Netflix to work on LG SMART TV via U-Verse

Hello -- I just purchased an LG SMART TV and unfortunately have not been able to get the Netflix app on it to work through my U-verse internet connection. LG sent out a technician today to troubleshoot the set and has confirmed that the hardware and TV firmware (and the Netflix app) are OK.


The error I get is "Unable to connect to Netflix.  Last error: Network / 6 / SSL handshake failed /


Some things to note:

  • All the other apps on my TV work fine (Hulu, Youtube, etc.) -- so we know the TV is online and connected
  • I'm able to access Netflix via my laptop or smartphone on wi-fi -- so Netflix appears to be operational
  • The Netflix app doesn't work on my TV via wi-fi AND via direct ethernet cable connection from TV to u-verse modem -- so we can rule out the router being the issue
  • The Netflix app WORKS on my TV via non-uverse connection (e.g., 4G mobile hotspot) -- so the problem appears to be with the u-verse connection or the modem
  • I've deactivated and re-activated the Netflix app on my TV, but that didn't help
  • I've reset the TV to factory settings, unplugged the TV + u-verse modem + router, but no luck
  • I ran a speed test on my u-verse connection and get 5.9MBps downstream, which is good


According to Netflix tech support:

When you click on the Netflix app, it attempts to open a port and make an SSL connection to a Netflix server for authentication.  The port used on SMART TV apps is different from the standard 80 & 443 used on laptops, tablets, and phones.  Netflix believes that the port that the TV app is trying to open is being blocked, either by AT&T or by my u-verse modem (or the modem's firewall?).  


I've contacted u-verse tech support to try and resolve this, but they say they're unable to determine whether or not there's a port issue.


Does anyone know what the issue is, and how I might go about resolving it?  I'm completely flabbergasted and frustrated.




u-verse internet only, 6MBps downstream / 760KBps upstream

Modem is a Motorola 2210-02, firmware version 7.8.7r27

Router is a Linksys E1000 (not that it matters, since I can't connect even when I bypass the router and connect the tv directly to the modem)



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Re: Issues getting Netflix to work on LG SMART TV via U-Verse

Click on the hyperlink in my sig and you will be taken to the profile of AT&T Customer Care.  They are an escalation team that can help you get this resolved.  Send them a PM with your info and concern and they will be in touch with you via PM.  Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification.

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Re: Issues getting Netflix to work on LG SMART TV via U-Verse

Done. Thank you -- hope to get this resolved soon!

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Re: Issues getting Netflix to work on LG SMART TV via U-Verse

Hi, I'm still experiencing this issue.  I haven't heard from AT&T Customer Care in over a week, with no responses to my emails or voicemails. 


Is there someone else who can assist me with this issue?  From what I understand, my Gateway may need to be replaced so that the TV can be moved to the network DMZ.


In 2011, an AT&T field technician did some troubleshooting on the connection / signal in my home.  He mentioned that the 2Wire gateway that I was using was no good.  He took the gateway and replaced it with a Motorola 2210-02 (MIPDSLA) modem and a Linksys / Cisco E1000 router.  Now, I'm hearing that the modem + router are third-party, unsupported equipment and that I need to somehow revert to my original gateway in order for AT&T to migrate the tv to the DMZ.


I'm a little concerned that the weeklong radio silence from AT&T means that this trouble ticket has slipped through the cracks or has be deprioritized completely.

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