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Issue with 3800HGV-B and Apple Airport Network


Issue with 3800HGV-B and Apple Airport Network

I got an ATT Uverse setup for the first time. They gave me the 3800HGV-B system that essentially combines the cable box and broadband modem into one unit. Previously I had a setup where the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station could be setup with a guest network. Now, with this new setup, the guest network won't work. The main network setup with the airport works, I just need to put the airport in bridge mode. 


I followed the following steps previously: 

1) Set the Airport Router to DHCP mode

2) Plug the router into the ATT Uverse 3800HGV-B system

3) Restart the Airport Router

4) Go into the Uverse system and select settings -> firewall -> applications, pinholes and dmz

5) Select the Apple Airport router under the first section

6) Click the DMZPlus button under the second section 

7) Click save

8) Restart the router and go back and uncheck stealth mode, block ping, strict UDP session control and also check outbound protocol control except netbios

9) Uncheck netbios under inbound protocol control

10) Uncheck all the attack detection checkboxes 

11) Click save 


By doing all of the following, I am now able to have a network and guest network setup on my airport extreme base station and connect to them. The problem is this only works internally on my network and doesn't connect to the outside intranet. 


On the ATT Uverse router, I can see it is connecting to ATT with no issues. I also can turn on the WiFi on the Uverse router and access the intranet from there. I simply can't access from my Airport network that is plugged into the router. 


Does anyone have any idea why this may be? Does anyone have any suggestions as to an easier way to set this up? 


My end goal is this - I don't want to use the ATT Uverse router. I want my entire network to operate through my Airport Extreme Base Station. I want my Airport setup to have the main network, the 5GHz network, and the guest network. That is all I want to do. But I can't seem to figure it out! Any help would be REALLY appreciated. 



Thank you. 


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Re: Issue with 3800HGV-B and Apple Airport Network

Have you tried RENEW DHCP on the AEBS also for grins reboot both the RG and the AEBS.

When you open Airport Utility is there a yellow triangle out to the side or a number in a red circle?

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Re: Issue with 3800HGV-B and Apple Airport Network

Yes. I have tried rebooting everything. I have also done everything else mentioned and there is no yellow triangle out to the side or a bumber with a red circle. Everything is a go. If I login to the ATT router I can connect to anything just fine. If I try as much through the airport router I am stuck, no public internet access. I can't do anyting. No matter how many times I reviewed or how many times I followed the steps I just can't get it. I am just going to have to do bridge mode and not have a guest network I guess... Thanks AT&T. 

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