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Is almost 5 hr outage due to neighbor getting Uverse normal?


Is almost 5 hr outage due to neighbor getting Uverse normal?

Last week our Uverse was out for almost 5 hours because the neighbor was having their service installed. Is this normal? I actually called tech support at first because the broadband light was blinking red no matter what I did (unplugging, rebooting modem and etc.) nothing worked. The tech people in India told me it was because my modem wouldn't sync and an outside tech would need to come out and would be out by 8pm that day. Had them tell us that before about the 8pm thing and nobody ever showed up same day twice but that's for another time. I poked my head out the front door because I heard a lot of car doors opening and closing when I was in the front of the house and found that there was an AT&T van in front of the neighbor's house and an AT&T pickup truck in our driveway.

I heard voices coming from between the two houses and then saw two AT&T employees and asked them what was going on because I knew a tech wouldn't have gotten out there that quick from my call. The older guy who I eventually saw was driving the pickup and not wearing a neon vest acted annoyed and bothered by my question at first, then he replied that the neighbor was getting Uverse. He was parked in our driveway and our Uverse was out so I didn't feel as if I was being nosy by asking what was going on. I then asked if our service was out because of the neighbor getting theirs installed and was told that shouldn't be the case but they'd check. This all was a little after 9am and they said they had been there for about 45 minutes already. Our Uverse didn't start working again until they left a little after 1:30pm.

It wouldn't have been so bad if people from my Mom's home health agency hadn't been trying to call multiple times during that 5hr period to try and come out because they were in the area and were angry at me for not answering the phone for so long. They assumed they were just being ignored and got mad at me. That's an issue between them and me though. Just hate getting yiped at for something that's not my fault though.

Will this go on each time a neighbor gets Uverse installed? It's annoying and frustrating to say the least especially when your phone, tv and internet are all down for that long and it turns out to be because someone else ordered services. They didn't even come to check to make sure our Uverse was working again before they left. It did start working after that time and I cancelled the outside tech visit even though the first and only US based tech support person I got that day said I didn't need to since they weren't coming in.

I tried posting for help concerning this on the Uverse Facebook page but it's been bombarded by "The Blaze" people, especially today.

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Re: Is almost 5 hr outage due to neighbor getting Uverse normal?

No your situation is not normal.  My neighbor two doors over just got U-verse installed last Thursday and neither myself or my other neighbor lost our service.

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Re: Is almost 5 hr outage due to neighbor getting Uverse normal?

Unless there were issues at the VRAD then no, you did not have a normal situation.  My neighbors across the street just had UVerse installed yesterday and it didn't effect our service at all.  (They WERE Time Warner customers).

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