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Is Cat5 a choice during the intall?


Is Cat5 a choice during the intall?

I am set to have uverse installed this saturday.  I have read alot about using coax or cat5 for the service. I was wondering will the installer run cat5 to the office computer and the one dvr or is this extra and if so how much? Currently I have Charter with a office computer setup with coax run there and a dvr in the living room with coax running there. Will they fish the cat5 to create an outlet where the coax is currently. That what I would prefer. I don't even mind getting up in the attic to do it. I did it recently for a home theater set up and it was fairly easy. Thanks for the advice and or suggestions. The house was built in 1985 FYI.

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Re: Is Cat5 a choice during the intall?

The home run (direct wire from NID to RG) should be new cat5, this counts as one of up to 3 wires that can be run at no charge.
Each wire run over three is $55, each wall fish is $20 versus a floor pop no charge. This is reference to basement and crawl spaces.

Is your office PC wireless, or wireless capability....if so perhaps best to have RG next to DVR, more than DVR tv, could have two wireless set top boxes installed at a charge of $49 each, more than 3 tvs would need hardwired,either coax or Ethernet.

As the techs abilities can vary one to another, if you have a specific plan may be best to pre run wiring, else let the tech know your wishes. Access to wiring is key, please have all furniture moved 2 feet away from walls needing new wiring. Techs are not to be moving furniture, light or heavy. If coax is good there is no harm in having all ends, wall plates and single splitter replaced, reusing existing wires.
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Re: Is Cat5 a choice during the intall?

I have Cat5 running from the NID to the RG in my office the rest of my install is coax.  There are those who have posted saying that coax did work and didn't work for them.  Others posted that Cat5 was better and worked great, and some said it didn't YRMV.  The info in the post above this one is accurae and very good.

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