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Internet usage

Internet usage

My usage went from 21  to 165 in a single month.  NO change in my viewing habits. I used a direct tie to the modem (no broadband to eliminate free riders)   It was a virus. The modem that was passing data constantly even when I was not on the internet, only my computer was on.    I had computer cleaned and usage and modem dropped to .5/day instead of 6.0-8.0 per day.                                                           It is a coincidence that ATT cites increased usage almost at the same time I get the virus,

            but why do they never mention the possibility of a virus using up your data allotment.    I can't be the only one this happens to

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Re: Internet usage



     Glad to hear that the virus has been taken care of! It's great to have the knowledge of our usage, that way we can at least be aware that something is not right when we see a sudden spike. Also when someone else gets a high usage spike and searches this forum they will see your thread which might help them out as well.



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Re: Internet usage

Very interesting. My usage magically increased (no prior issues) when my promotional deal expired. I also am not able to view my usage. I get "we are sorry but we cant.. blah, blah, blah". Whats up with that?

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