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Internet speeds at less than half advertied in new home.


Internet speeds at less than half advertied in new home.

Good evening,


First off I know these threads are a dime a dozen so I'm trying to be as prepared as possible. I've scoured over the google results for the last few weeks in hopes that the brutal weather we've been having might be a major reason I'm having issues that would clear up on their own.

The internet portion of my U450 plan is the Max Turbo is advertised at 24/3 but I've yet to peak over a 11.2 in the month I've had it during my testing portions. 

Internet Config.png


Full resolution through imgur.

The image posted above was taken after a few minutes after having a complete power cycle of the supplied hardware. The AT&T Speedtest mirrors that of SpeakEasy and Speedtest. 



Your Speed Result:
Download Speed: 10885 kbps (1360.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2915 kbps (364.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

The tests were performed with both TV's that have a box configured turned off and having not been turned on prior or post test. 

The system I'm running shouldn't be causing an issue but for completion sake it's a custom rig running Windows 8 with an i7 4670k. 

While I'm aware there's always room for error when it comes to speed I was under the impression I'd at least be getting in the 18-24 range under optimal conditions. Having a newly constructed home the Technician seemed to have little issue getting to what needed to be done. Aside from the internet the TV has had no issues save for the DVR pause function often being "unavailable". I'm not sure if that's directly related or not. 

I've not had DSL in over a decade and AT&T was one of my only option after relocating from Michigan to Arkansas. Given the wide range of networks broadcasting their hardware it seems to be a favorable choice among those living in this area. Is there something I'm missing or that could be wrong? 

I'll gladly provide more details if need be but I'd like to be prepared with all available option and information in the event this requires a call to customer support.



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Re: Internet speeds at less than half advertied in new home.

Welcome, have to ask, testing is hardwired Ethernet RG to pc?
No router in between, no wireless...correct?

In Arkansas, are there any servers closer than one your using at 100 miles away.
In the Milwaukee Area, 3 under 50 miles, speeds can vary as much as 5M depending on server used and routing.

Your profile is correct, strong sync rate, excellent Noise Margin of 18 (above 15), below 9 is uses, and upload is expected.
My first thought was testing wireless with apple product, RG on channel 1....the Apple items seem to do better on ch 6 or 11.
If testing wireless, depending on environmental items (MDU, other wireless devices being used in 2.4ghz frequency, or router behind router issue.

Concerning DVR function, is this on DVR itself or receiver?
If on a receiver, recommend unplug everything, factory reset RG, plug in DVR, once completed cycle plug in remaining receiver(s).

The pause, play, record functionality is only available on DVR, when trying to access these features on a receiver, request goes to RG then to DVR to RG back to receiver. The RG is the traffic cop, corrupt device list may be issue, factory resetting RG allows for a new build of devices connected.

If this is happening on DVR, recommend Factory Resetting DVR, will lose all current recordings,but allows for clean HD, and new software update...this takes 10 to 15 minutes., will need fo reset aspect ratio.
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Re: Internet speeds at less than half advertied in new home.

Good Afternoon,



Thanks for the reply. The testing was done using the supplied hardware by AT&T and was tested both wireless and wired. Results were nearly identical in testing.

Both machines currently being fed the wifi signal are running less than 15 feet from the access point. It's worth noting that despite having had Cable prior to this I was always within +/- 10% of my targeted speed. 

I'm not too familiar with the hardware that AT&T uses and adopted a mentality after moving that if it's not broke I won't fix it. I have a nice Wireless-N router just sitting here that I've not bothered to configure as I wasn't sure it there would be issues using 3rd party products with the supplied hardware. A pattern I've noticed is that as the day moves on the speed gets slower - much like you'd expect a cable line to be when traffic picks up. I'll move from 10 megs down to around 5 as the evening approches. A full cycle will often fix the issue for awhile but it's a once a day thing it seems.

The DVR aspect is hit and miss it seems. A quick power cycle (hold down reset button) solves the issue but it seems to appear at random. For example I couldn't pause at any point during the Super Bowl but since that time it will happen randomly once every few days until a cycle is performed. 

I apologize for the server selection during speedtests. I often let the site dictate based on ping which is why I provided the AT&T test as well as to make sure all aspects were covered. 

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