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Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.


Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.

For about 3 weeks now, I've watched my internet speed (Purchased 12 Mbps) drop to 3-4 Mbps every night and Monday during the day. My 30-50ms ping goes up to 400-600ms. It's becoming quite infuriating since I'm not getting the service I'm paying for.

I also understand that most problems can be easily fixed so I've been doing quite a bit of research to see if I can fix the problem myself. So far this has included:

- Multiple resets of the computer and UVerse box including pulling the plug, holding the reset button on the back, holding down the signal button on the front.

- Changing the DNS servers to Google DNS servers and flushing the DNS in the command prompt.

- Disabling firewalls and Avast security.

Resetting the modem seems to fix the issue for a few minutes as Speedtest shows 12.55 Mbps download speed and a 40-45ms ping but again it only lasts for a few minutes before the speed drops again.

I live in an apartment complex but I don't remember having an issue when I first got the service. What worries me is that by doing a search for "AT&T Uverse Internet slow during the night" brings up quite a bit of results from forums all over. Overall, there is no fix, it's just the service.

As of now I'm only getting a 4.3 Mbps download speed and a high ping. I have a single TV on that is not recording anything and I'm on a desktop computer with a wired connection.

I downloaded the UV Realtime program but I get a warning when opening that says "...requires the installation of RRDtool v.1.4.5 or higher..." but the RRDtool failed to install because when trying to install the C++ portion it said I had a newer version of that portion and just wouldn't install so I'm not sure if that skews up my UV Realtime results.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.

I have the same thing. Speed is normal during the day, but in the evening drops to 3-5, sometimes even less about 1.5.
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Re: Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.

So, just as when I posted my original problem, like clockwork every night at around 8:30pm, the internet practically dies. 532ms ping, 4.25 Mbs download speed when I'm paying for 12 Mbs.

If there was an issue, as if something needed fixing, it would not cause problems at the same time every night. If it was an issue of too many people using a "main" line or however it works, again there's no way that each time this would happen.

So why is this happening? The internet speed gets throttled but my bill certainlly isn't being throttled.

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Re: Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.

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Re: Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.

r.smith721 wrote:

So why is this happening? The internet speed gets throttled but my bill certainlly isn't being throttled.

There are several possibilities.  At this time of year, it could be an outdoor light coing on causing interference, it could be your heating system causing the issue if a timer is cycling.  It could also be when a nearby transmitter changes from daytime to nighttime mode.  The worse part is that it doesn't have to be in/near your home.  It could actually be between your home and the AT&T neighborhood gateway that is introducing interference into your line.


If you have a qualifying RG, you might try installing the U-Verse Realtime Master and seeing what your stats look like.  You may see a change in your signal to noise ratio when the problems start happening.  There might be any number of issues causing this interference.  If you can provide us with more information to help you, it might make it easier to find a cause (and therefore resolution) more quickly.

Jerry B.


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Re: Internet speed dropping during evening and late night.

Thank you guys for replies and help! So I'll try to see if I can throw in some more information to help determine the problem.

The interference thing, just trying things out it doesn't seem to be an issue within the apartment. The heating system runs on and off all day but the speed only drops at night, occasionally on monday during the day (However as of this posting it's normal). As for the rest of the types of interference, microwaves, storms, etc none of that would allow such a consistent set time for when the internet drops is to low to even consider.

Interference outside of the apartment, well I obviously wouldn't be able to know everything. I do know that I have not had any new neighbors move in or out since I've started having problems.

My modem never shows a problem either, the lights all stay green and flash/stay solid as they always have. I've checked that a few times and looked up what each light means.

It seems I'm just going to have to get a tech person out here but that's quite a pain as I don't get that much time to wait on someone.

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