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Internet available in apartments right next to me but not mine


Internet available in apartments right next to me but not mine

On December 19 I called ATT to set up UVerse internet service at my new apartment. My appointment was scheduled for January 6th for the installation.This morning, two days before my appointment, I received a call stating that my appointment was canceled because service was not available in my location. When I asked why it was not available the representative could not tell me right away and later said that when their engineer came to our location our apartment did not get service. I was then put on hold for ten minutes and eventually hung up and called customer service. The representative checked again to see if we were available for service and waived our equipment fee and offered a rebate on the installation fee but informed me that the first available appointment would not be until January 17. I scheduled my appointment then later called back to reschedule and the automated message said that the first available appointment was January 6, when I was originally scheduled. A few hours later I got a call saying this new appointment was cancelled because I cannot get service. Then after speaking with a supervisor I was told that even though other apartments in my building had this service it was not available in my unit.
There are not many other options for internet in my area and ATT Uverse would be my best option but this customer service has been horrible. Would anyone have a suggestion of who to contact to see why I have been told I cannot get service and how to get this service if it is available.
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Re: Internet available in apartments right next to me but not mine

There are many reasons possible but the most likely from canceled before due date is no available port or connection to provide service.

If at SAI, all ports are full, need to wait for someone to cancel
Have seen MDU complex that only have limited connections per floor, if floor has 16 units, 8 connections only 50% can have service....again wait ting for someone to move or cancel.
If extreme upper floor, uverse is distance based, lower floors have access, upper floors exceed distance.

Project VIP, the current expansion project is scheduled for completion end of 2015.
At that time 75% of all customers will have access to a hard lined connection, the remaining 25% will have wireless 4g late option. This may be your current best bet for using ATT, see below for more information.
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Re: Internet available in apartments right next to me but not mine

mmegann Try this:

I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


They can look into your situation and give you the reason WHY you can't get service or if their is a problem in the database they can correct it to allow the order to flow thru the system.

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