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Intermittent loss of Internet


Intermittent loss of Internet

For the last two months or so, I have had intermittent loss of Internet.  Since it started, the RG has been replaced twice, the DVR (which died during Internet loss) was replaced once, and my connection has supposedly been moved to a new port on a new comm card in the VRAD.


When u-verse works, it is great, but my one year renewal is next month and I don't see continuing on with these sorts of problems.


Any advice would be very welcome.







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Re: Intermittent loss of Internet

Missing one pic, what is your distance and profile?
Based on graph, estimate less than 800 feet on a 3801, one possibility is running to hot, either install 3800 or loop attenuater to add 1000 feet.
Massive errors, anytime of day or specific time of day?
If had about 9 good months with two bad what has changed?
Type of dwelling, single family or multi tenant ? How is RG feed? Cat5 preferred....
Happening primary in evening, night?....possible lights inside or outside.

Port already swapped....ideally need tech at time of errors occurring.
Tech needs to monitior at three different locations for each 15 minute cycle
1) at serving terminal, if errors beforeterminal needs to create outside line ticket... no errors issue between terminal and RG
2) at NID, if errors, problem likely with drop, swap pairs or replace drop.
3) at RG, no issues at NID then inside wiring (swap to cat5) replace all connectors and data cable.

Other possible issue

Walk the neighborhood looking for ham radio equipment, is primary time of failure when everybody comes home?
The bits loading graph is not showing bridge tap or major interference.

When 3801 was installed, was the power supply also replaced?
Is the power supply a brick and cord?, 3 prong? Black BBU? Or grey BBU?
If on a BBU needs to be grey, the black is not correctly rated for the 3801 but is fine for the 3800, suspect original RG was 3800

Just some of my thoughts, please post rest of uvrealtime sync page if you can...thanks
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Re: Intermittent loss of Internet

Thanks for the quick reply.  Here is my profile.


We notice the errors more in the evenings or during the day on the weekends.  Of course, those are the times that we are home an using the Internet.  When it happens we are watching tv, Netflix, or surfing the web and notice the disconnection.  I've tried leaving a Internet radio streaming during the day to see if errors will be logged, but that was inconclusive.


The first three months with u-verse were very rocky, and we must have had techs out five times, replacing DVRs and RGs, looking at the lines.  Then it all just seemed to work for eight or nine months before the current problems started in August. Just before things went bad, I noticed an AT&T van down the street, but that is likely just a coincidence. No changes on our end account for this.


We are in a single family home, and the lines in were installed by AT&T when we started the service. The RG is connected with what looks to me to be a phone cable.  It has a modular plug, but is skinnier than the RJ45 ethernet cables.  It is labeled "data cable".


I have TrendNet powerline networking from the RG to other rooms in the house, and have a gigabit switch going from the RG to PS3 and AppleTv. 


I don't know if the power supply was replaced when we got the 3801, but I don't think so.  It is a thin cable with and not a brick, with a slim black connecter that plugs into the wall.  I am almost sure that it is two-prong, but can't unplug it to see right now.  It is plugged into a socket on the wall.



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Re: Intermittent loss of Internet

Hi Lenticular,


My name is Morgan, I'm one of the U-verse Community Specialists. I'm very sorry to hear that your service is intermittently cutting off but, I'll be glad to help you get this resolved. I'm going to send you a private message that will land in your inbox and we will move forward from there. Thank you! Smiley Happy

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Intermittent loss of Internet

This is going to require a tech visit....from info provided by uvrealtime (thanks to Somejoe7777)
There is some AM radio interference from about 4 stations but should not be causing these errors unless grounding issue.
Your max sync is low for your estimates distance. At 1400 feet expect 42M to 50M not 37, particularly with 20.8 noise margin.
Still recommend tech checks above mentioned locations for both max sync and errors, possible may need another port swap if sync low at VRAD.
Suspect drop or NID not updated, should qualify for 32 M profile at this distance and do not...

Just my thoughts but need a tech visit either by Morgan or tier support. Best and post when resolved, like follow up resolution. THANKS
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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