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Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

Hi all,


Had a tech come install the internet two days ago.
He installed modem in the garage. I live in a 80's home. It is a two-story 1822 sq ft home.

Hard wired, I am getting a constant 12.50 download speed. However, over wifi, every 20 minutes or so, the speeds will drop to 5.0 download. I have checked to make sure no one else is on the network. And this has happened in the 2nd room over from the garage.


I guess my big question is how I move the modem to the phone jack inside the house. AT&T said it would cost $99. Ouch! I tried to just plug the modem into that kitchen phone jack, but it wouldn't show internet connectio. Sometimes in our office, the wifi signal drops to 3 bars on my Windows 8 machine.


Also, I live in Austin, TX. Won't it get really hot in the garage?

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Re: Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

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Re: Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

My plan says I will get up to 12 MBPS

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Re: Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

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Re: Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

You need to check your speed on a wired connection.


If you are having problems over WiFi, read through this thread.

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Re: Intermittent Slow Speeds Using Wifi

Unfortunate yes, once install is completed a request to move any equipment is billable.

The Uverse service is separate from your phone line.
A dedicated line, ideally cat5e, from NID to RG location.
If your current phone wiring is cat3 may be used, using a spare pair to provide signal path, with either new jack (preferred) or rewire existing jack

If have quad phone wire (red/green/yellow/black) will need new wire pulled add $55 to the $99 labor charge.
you are receiving your 12M internet, you admit to constantly receiving 12M hardwired.

wireless speeds are not guarteened

may wish to consider wifi range extender this is recommended

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