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Installation Hell!


Installation Hell!

Do these forums ever get checked by AT&T executives or someone who has the power to change (read: significantly improve) things around the company? Or is it only checked by some dumb representative who's only job is to read the complaints and offer words of comfort and apology then leave everything at that?


I do not understand the concept of scheduling an appointment and having backlogs. Why set an appointment when you know your technicians are backed up? I've read a number of posts here about people having the same experience as I did: taking the day off for nothing... and then they bombard you with alibis ranging from the distance of my home from the VRAD all the way to the technician's manager not knowing what to do at a certain point. Really? A manager not knowing what to do? How did he/she become a manager? Then again this may be due to the economy. Everything seem to be about the economy these days. Maybe they can't hire quality people so they hire the first person who sends them a resume.


My appointment was set for today, 10/21 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. The technician called me at 10:00 AM to tell me that he was running late (obviously!) and that he will be at my location between 10:30 and 11:00 AM. Well, 11:00 AM came and went and no technician, no call. He finally showed up around noon and did a walkaround the place to see where my current connections are. After all that, he told me that he will go to the VRAD and make the connections there... might take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. After a while (around 1:00 PM), I was informed that the signals were not acceptable and that another technician will check the connections and do necessary improvements. I was also informed that instead of 2 HD signals, I would only be able to get 1. I was fine with that as I do all my TV viewing from the one HDTV I have anyway. 4 hours (yes, 4 hours!) went by and the first technician called and said they're still having problems with the quality of the signal because I am about 2,600 feet from the VRAD and at that point, signals start to deteriorate.


It was almost 5:00 PM and I had lost all hope that anything would be done at all today. He proceeded to tell me that I have the option to reschedule the install. I told him that I cannot do this as my weekends are full and taking another work day off was not an option. But truthfully, I was thinking... if the signal quality is an issue, then why bother trying to install it at all? Wouldn't this open a can of worms about the quality of service I will be getting? Wouldn't this lead to my calling tech support all the time to try and resolve problems stemming from said weak signal? Wouldn't this mean that I will still be paying full price for half a service? And get this: when I essentially asked (hinted is more like it) if there is any possibility at all to finish the install today, the technician said he actually gets off at 4:30 PM. So basically, he made it sound like he was doing me a favor by waiting for other technicians and managers to finish their jobs (being 5:00 PM and all, he was clearly off the clock!).  


I understand the whole they-won't-find-out-until-they-come-to-your-location alibi -- I understand that it is some rehearsed line that people from sales and tech support use if anything like this happens. They obviously have a system in place to check if your home is serviceable by their product... why not go an extra mile and make sure that this is true before making theatrics out of telling you of service availability when you check on-line (Congratulations! U-verse is available blah-blah!!!)? They know that at 2,600 feet, signal gets questionable so why even say my home is serviceable and get my hopes up? From the looks of things, I am not the only one who have had this experience so its not like I was the first case.


In an ideal world, AT&T would reimburse me for my lost day of work but who in this giant, money-sucking corporation would be in their right minds to do that? Something has to change.      



UPDATE: I check my mailbox and I received what is clearly a marketing campaign for AT&T U-verse. The mailer had AT&T's logo and return address and the outside of the envelope reads, "Finally, there is a better alternative to expensive cable." Can someone tell me what this alternative is so I can check on it? :smileywink: 

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Re: Installation Hell!

In answer to your questions:


1. Maybe


2. Definitely . . .No.


This forum is made up of UV subscribers. Any ranting will make you feel better but does not connect to ATT Corp..


But, if you have a specific question or need, you have come to the right place. If you have read that other people have had broken appointments than you must realize how they corrected the problem.


There seems to be many things going on regarding your setup namely distance. Contact ATT with a calm but determined attitude and they will respond to correct this.


I sympathize with your day off situation. I'm in the same boat.


Hope everything gets ironed out to your satisfaction.




Again. . . I'm just a UV subscriber. :smileyhappy:



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Re: Installation Hell!

Thanks milkman. I did contact AT&T with a calm but determined attitude. And I figured this forum does not reach whoever I want it to reach but it did make me feel better that I was able to rant. I just thought I'd throw it out there in case someone reads it and it gets forwarded to the right people.


Thank you for reading my post. 

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Re: Installation Hell!

UPDATE: so its been 9 days since that hell i went through with the botched installation. i've received 2 calls from dispatch trying to reschedule the install. the first call was on sunday night at 7PM, i said i don't want to reschedule anything unless i am assured that the lines are clean and signals are good. the rep then told me that the only reason that the first appointment was delayed was because the outside technician couldn't get access to a utility pole. She then advised me to talk to my landlord or building manager (i live in a 4-unit residential building that's privately owned and managed) about giving them access to this utility pole.


i figured she meant the boxes where all outside cables terminate and enter the building. i then told her that both technicians were in and out of the property's side yard where all the boxes and what not are. she proceeded to correct me and reiterated that she was talking about a utility pole... "you know, where all the big cables hang from." ok, so stupid me figured wrong so i told her, "all the utility poles on my street are on the sidewalk... you know, that strip of concrete that everyone walks on. if your technician needs to permission to access that, then its not my landlord he needs to talk to." she took it lightly, giggled a little bit, and apologized. she then put me on hold and when she came back on the line, she said that she scheduled a technician to go out and make sure the lines are good for service and that i will be receiving a call from the technician himself to assure me of the fact. no call came. 


today, i got the second call from the dispatch office -- which i missed -- so i had to call back the number they left on my voicemail. the rep at the other end of the line was silent for a while after i gave him my account number and name. he then told me he would have to call me back as he wants to make sure that all issues have been resolved. he said he would call the technician and then call me back. a few minutes went by and i get a call back. he then explained to me that he just spoke with the technician and that "all is good to go." he also apologized for having to call me back. he said he read the notes on my ticket and just had to make sure everything was fine before rescheduling my installation. he said he didn't want to waste my time. i thanked him for the effort and we proceeded to schedule my installation date. i told him it has to be on a weekend. he said it can not be done tomorrow, 10/31 so he offered me 11/07. unfortunately, i already have something for that weekend and asked him for 11/14 instead since that's the only flexible weekend i have where i can move things around. he confirmed that the 14th was available and proceeded to put me in for the 9-11AM window. so that's that. its been rescheduled. now all i have to do is wait. 


now out on a whim, i checked the appointment status tool to see if the new schedule has been set. this was about half an hour after i hung up with the rep that called me back. so i punched in my digits and stuff and what do i find? my installation has been scheduled for 11/21 between 9 & 11AM. i actually laughed out loud! at&t screws up again! man! they just can't get things straight! so i call back the dispatch center, gave my info again and explained that the situation. she was silent (probably reading notes...) then explained to me that it is indeed scheduled for the 14th. the reason the website is showing the 21st was because i'm "transferring my number over." it was to give time for the porting to be done but since its been ported, its been moved up. wow! a new issue! could this get any better? i told her that i was ordering a new number and that i am not porting anything at all. she then said, "well, i do show a schedule for the 14th. so its already been corrected in the system."


LOL! i know how upset i sounded on my first post but thank goodness i got over it quick. now, everything is just laughable. its like watching little kids get into all sorts of trouble on america's funniest videos!
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Re: Installation Hell!

PS i checked the appointment status tool again and it now shows the correct date and time. :manvery-happy:
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Re: Installation Hell!

RFAquino, Best of luck to you-you're going to need it!   I have 6-six pages of notes and have talked to over 40 AT&T representatives since September 16th. and as I type this at 4:27 AM I am without any service-no phone,TV, or internet(I was able to connect to my neighbor's wireless on a very weak signal to get this sent). Now have another service appointment-had one Sunday morning that was supposed to have REALLY fixed it this time. I hope you don't go through the hell that I've been through. Too much to even go into-everyone at AT&T has been very nice and apologetic-with two exceptions, but at this point I don't really care about their courtesy. I just want the **bleep** service to work the way I was promised it would when Dirk J.-Sales sold it to me on September 4th. That's all. Five technicians have been here and my service has gone out again.  And I'm still waiting for a call to repair the hole in my garage ceiling when the tech slipped through it last Thursday when running the phone line that was supposed to have been installed on the 16th of September-Finally did it on Otober 29th. Service went out Saturday night in the middle of the World Series and was "fixed" Sunday morning. Went out again tonight in the middle of the Series again. This will be the last chance for them to fix it--Uverse can be a great product when functioning properly. My signal is very strong-25m and there should be no reason why this keeps happening.  I've had phone service sind 1973 with Southern Bell,BellSouth and AT&T(Name changes through the years) but will be changing if this isn't setled once and for all.


Best of luck to you.   BTW, I wll return and give them Kudos if it's finally fixed.

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Re: Installation Hell!

Well, my 8-12 service appointment showed up at 12:45 and checked the service coming into the house from the street and got "no service". This is the same tech that came out Sunday morn and did my first repair. Told me he could not help me because he was a "Uverse inside" guy and he would have to report this to "outside" service department. Another appointment. Luckily, he was able to get someone out the same day and around 2:00 another tech showed up and agreed-no service. He then went to the "junction" box 1700 ft away and returned. Said he found a loose wire on my connection and tightened it, then checked and got a strong signal. I asked if he was going to come inside and reset my RG and he said he was just an outside guy so I asked him to come in while I reset it. He did, and after 10 minutes I had all my services---I thought. He left and I went to check the internet---nothing.


Called the tech # and a very polite "Amy" took control of my computer and was able to get me up and running after 45 minutes.


I still have a hole in my garage ceiling from the tech who came out last Thursday and have yet to be contacted about it.


Let's see, Thursday afternoon, Sunday morning, Tuesday afternoon-twice and a phone service call.  My total phone calls and appointments now

total 55 since September 16th. But I have to admit I love this service, just keeping my fingers crossed.

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Re: Installation Hell!

UPDATE: AFter all that horrible experience, I am happy to report that may last appointment for the install went really well. The tech that came out was very professional and seemed to know every bit of information about what happened during the first attempt at installation. The whole process took about 4 hours with the bulk of those hours spent on routing new wires into my apartment unit and making sure signals were optimal. When asked about my profile, he said I'm on the 2HD/2SD stream. I was surprised considering that the first technician said I was too far away from the VRAD to receive this kind of stream... 


It's been five days since the install and so far, so good. I hope it stays (mostly) this way for the life of my subscription...

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Re: Installation Hell!

Glad to finally say... Welcome to UV!


I must applaud your patience and determination. I also hope the worst is behind you now. Sit back and enjoy your new service and stop back here for any questions or tips. :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Installation Lies and Not kept promises from AT&T

Unfortunately nothing has changed since you wrote this complaint THREE years ago. I don't think any executive has EVER checked this Forum.

I have been a loyal AT&T customer since it bought Cingular, I have a family plan which includes my two grown kids. My son moved out to LA a month ago so I went with AT&T to provide him with internet. I wished I had read this article first, I only read how bad Time Warner was, the previous carrier, but I can truly say AT&T is the most egregious of all. They have broken every promise by the the supervisor regarding installation appointments, the inefficiency of the call center reps is monstrous. We have been on the phone for four days trying to get a tech to go out again to finish the installation to no avail. My son spend his birthday on the phone with an AT&T rep because the technician that went out for the first appointment made the installation outside without my son's knowledge, even though he had been assured the tech would call first. As it turns out, the tech could not connect him and had to get inside the utility room to do the install, something we found after one hour on the phone. That night he was told the tech would go out tuesday, or the next day between 1 and 4. This did not happen. We spoke with ATT again, we were told the tech would go out Wednesday, that did not happen either, then the supervisor said the soonest was Sunday, today between noon and 4 pm, we called yesterday to confirm that this was the case, the csr on the phone gave us the work order # so we were confident but cautious that my son would finally, after 6 days of waiting, would have his internet. Guess what, it didn't happen, once again, a broken promise, another lie.


According to the rep the work order did not "upload to their server", maybe because the installation company has AT&T! We are livid, we called again to the Texas call center, I spoke with Abu who could not find a manager anywhere in the building. He said to call back, I said no that he had to go and keep looking for one. Finally after waiting for 20 minutes, we spoke with Matt who confirmed that the open ticket was not going to be closed until tomorrow and there was nothing he could do to force a tech to go out and fulfilled this work order that never went through. However, AT&T is forcing my son to yet loose work, time, and jobs because AT&T is SOOO inefficient. Worse, last week the supervisor promised the installation, the moden and the first two months would be free, but the supervisor today could not find anything on the notes made. Another lie. I have asked that an email be sent with all those promises in writing since we don't believe anything the supervisors have told us.


I am beyond angry and frustrated, I had to put all this horrendous experience in writing and share it with other potential Uverse users. Be very careful, Caveat Emptor. 

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Re: Installation Hell!

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multiple posts in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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