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Installation Disaster


Installation Disaster

I am not sure if anyone else has had an issue with AT&T about new service installation but I called June 16 to set up new service and the operator from AT&T was very nice and set my installation appointment for July 1st.  I asked if there was anyway to get it done sooner and he explained that I could go online and log on to change my appt time.


I went online to see if I can bump up the installation date for the Uverse and internet and my screen status was :"Cancelled".  


I called AT&T and I was told not to worry, they are trying to figure out how to install the new system to the home and that's normal for the status to be on hold.  The tech will still be out at my home to set up the wiring on July 1st.


Well, I waited 2 weeks and today I took off work to be at home from 9-11a.m. and no one showed up.  I called AT&T and was told, I had called and cancelled on June 30th. 


WHAT? WHO? I want to hear  the phone conversation that was recorded of me calling and cancelling. 


You'll have a hard time to find it because - I NEVER called to cancel and I was out a day of pay from work for nothing. I called AT&T and was given the run around for 2 hrs.  FINALLY the last person I spoke to told me they would call me back in an hour once they spoke to the tech that was in charge of the install...GUESS WHAT.


No one has called, no one has sent me an email updates and no one has tried to make this matter work.


Is this how your company establishes new this has been nightmare thus far.

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Re: Installation Disaster

Sounds VERY similar to my experience ...apparently AT&T systems are always right and the customer is always wrong. Pilots fly into mountains because they believe their instruments over the view out the window. Clearly AT&T has a problem with their booking system, or the people using it and they are determined not to listen to customer feedback.


I wish you luck.


  •          I scheduled a Uverse move install for 6/25, I HAVE THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL for install 6/25 2-4pm.
  •          No one showed.
  •          Uverse help desk says there was no such appointment and I am mistaken, I HAVE THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL for install 6/25 2-4pm.
  •          Unverse help desk told me it was impossible that I had a confirmation email. I'd love to send Uverse the email.
  •          Uverse help desk insisted the install was for 7/25 ...I can read and as I said I HAVE THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL for install 6/25 2-4pm which clearly states 6/24 2-4pm.
  •          Uverse help desk then scheduled install for 7/2.
  •          7/1 Uverse called me to say they could not install 7/2 as local wiring outside needed to be fixed. I was given NO estimated install date.
  •          Everyone at Uverse I have spoken to was unhelpful.
  •          I've been a Uverse customer since November 2006.
  •          I'd love to send Uverse management the CONFIRMATION EMAIL for install 6/25 2-4pm that Uverse help desk says it is impossible for me to have. Maybe it would help others in the future if Uverse management could understand their systems can get things wrong and that customers are not all wrong.
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