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Install Date Error Problems

Install Date Error Problems

I ordered the Gigapower package with internet and tv, and had an install date set up with a local agent initially for Saturday, March 29. He told me that we would choose that date, but there were frequent problems of corporate putting different install dates on the actual account. Lo-and-Behold, when I received my email, it stated that the install would not happen until Saturday, April 5. I called him back, and the checked into the system and realized that March 29 was booked. We decided on Friday the 29 instead from 1p to 3p, and I believed all was said and done.


March 29 comes, and at 3pm, I had not heard from AT&T, and no agent had shown up to install. I call, and the help desk tells me that they see my installation date as April 12 instead. I was a bit shocked, as April 12 had never been talked about. I talk to a supervisor (quite angrily, I might add) to find out that it wasn't April 12, it was April 5 again. Either way, I was confused as to why March 29 wasn't showing up. They claimed they had never had that date in their system (which I question, because they didn't know why April 12 was in the system, so it sounded like they couldn't trust their systems).


At this point, it is now 4 pm on Friday the 29, and I am telling them that somebody at AT&T has messed up, and I could not go the entire weekend with no internet, so asked them to come Saturday somehow anyway (Even if was late or early, they messed up and they needed to fix this). I was promised by multiple people that dispatch could not by any means get anybody out over the weekend and that my install date would remain April 5 (or 12 depending on who I was talking to).


I finally got someone on the phone that was able to have someone come on Monday the 31 at 9am, which was completed on time. It was inconvenient because I had to take off work, but I managed it. I have been very happy with the services, and with AT&T overall, but it is reasons like this that is why AT&T usually comes last in the communications business customer service department. They mess up, and then can't fix it properly (I expected them to find a way to have it installed before the weekend was up, not leave me without internet all weekend).


Point of the story: Be aware of when your install date is listed in your email. If you are not sure, call them a few days ahead of time to make sure they are coming when you expect. Also be aware, they only do gigapower installs from 9-11a according to the help desk, so be prepared to be home in the morning. Install did only take about 2 hours, done by noon.

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Re: Install Date Error Problems


Hello themcfreak!


I'm sorry about what you experienced to install U-verse GigaPower. Thank you for providing your updates. If there is anything we can assist you with in the future please send us a message and we will be glad to help. Also, for anyone needing to find information about an installation I recommend using the

ATT Order Status Tool





If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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