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Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

Hello xxxxx.

My name is xxxxxxxx. I live in Missouri City (South Houston), TX. I have been living here over 2 years now and have been with Comcast since I moved here. As any switching customer would say, I am not satisfied with my current provider for X,X,X and X reason so, I researched providers I could switch to to find out that the only other options were to get DirecTv or Dish Network, which I have already at other locations. My brother has uverse in his home and I was impressed with the equipment and quality of the programming so thought I would give it a shot. Unfortunately since I started my research back in July of 2012, Uverse was not available in my area, bummer. July 31st, I received an email I requested to get when the service was available in my area so I can immediately switch over. "AT&T U-verse is here!" is what the subject line read, and sure enough I signed up almost immediately. I received a confirmation email with my installation date of August 7th between 9-11 so took time away from work to ensure someone was here for the install. Well. . . that didn't happen. I received a call I couldn't answer and was left a message about a facility issue that caused a delay in my installation and would have to wait till 8/11. Fine, made arrangements to have someone here to end up getting another call, "We are still experiencing facility issues and your new ESTIMATED install date is now 8/27. I received this message one more time with an estimated date of 9/11, and guess what day it is today . . . I called customer care yesterday (9/10) and spoke with an agent by the name of Kat. With this issue out of her hands all the information and resolution she was able to provide is that "THE FACILITY ISSUE STILL EXISTS, AND YOU HAVE A NEW ESTIMATED INSTALL DATE OF 9/19". I am not the one escalate to anyone else because hey, stuff happens and sometimes it is out of our hands. I worked in the customer service industry for over 12 years and am glad to say, I no longer work in that industry anymore because in all honesty, it stressed the ** out of me to be empathetic to people who just didnt understand that, hey . . . ** happens. I kindly asked Kat to understand my frustration in waiting over a MONTH to get installed, and asked to speak with a supervisor. First off . . . customer care needs a refresher on common courtesy and customer care etiquette because I was left on hold, with no follow up for over 45 minutes with no empathy shown for my inconvenience . . . big no no in the customer care industry. Anyways . . . I was transferred over to an outsource supervisor by the name of Grace. I didn't want to make the issue more of a headache than it already was, but Grace says "Oh well our support tool was never refreshed and GUESS WHAT . . . WE CAN SCHEDULE YOUR INSTALL FOR MONDAY 9/16!!!. That boggled the ** out of me .. .. excuse my language. She had to speak with a "Low Balance Manager" to override and escalate my installation date for today . . . and with all the trust in At&t, xxxx, (which I have run out of) I have managed to have someone stay home once again in hopes that my service will be installed today. Guess what Andy . . . I would not be surprised if my install was missed today, but I guess I have no choice to wait and see. So if there is anything on your end that can confirm that I will be installed TODAY. . . that really, my friend, is all I want out of you. It's too late for the empathy and understanding, just want a resolution or someone to say " You know what Mr. xxxxx, we will not be able to install you today." so I can just cancel this order once and for all. I apologize for forcing you to read this entire complaint (if it was read in its entirety), and appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you for your time.


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ACE - Master

Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the AT&TCustomerCare customer service team. They will reply back with a PM (blue envelope in the top right of the page). Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time.


They should be able to provide you answers.

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Former Employee

Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

Hello, achangeling!


I'm so sorry to hear about your installation experience. We would very much like the opportunity to help and get to the bottom of this for you.


As BeeBeeSA said, we would appreciate it if you could send our team a private message by clicking here. Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, and the best time to reach you. This is a great team of managers that will absolutely do their best to find a solution for you.


If you have any addtional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know!



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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

I appreciate your concern ATTMarianaCM. In hopes that I would get a faster response, I also posted this complaint on the At&t uverse facebook site. A gentlemen by the name of Andy responded which I assume was directly employed with At&t because he too referred to me to send a private message. He said that the override that the outsourced supervisor, Grace, supposedly submitted, was never done and saw nothing scheduled for me today or any day in the future. He has been the only one to go above and beyond this whole issue because he submitted a work order ticket with high priority to the local facility, and was honest enough to tell me that he had no confirmation or guarentee what time it would be installed today I asked him if he knew for sure that someone was coming out because I didnt want to miss another day away from work. I finally recieved a call today by the technician and is installing the service and equipment at my home as we speak. I have had DTV and other providers in different properties of mine for over 10 years now. So I definately can and am willing to build a relationship with a business that will appreciate me as their customer. I just hope that this is one of the absolute very few issues I experience with uverse and look forward to the same experience I had with the service I used at my brothers house. Kind Regards,


Mr. Chavez

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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

Thank you for the suggestion!

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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

I'm encountering the same problem.  Had ATT DSL.  Lost connection.  Called in:  tech said modem dead, but less expensive Uverse avail and "not worth" replacing the 2Wire modem. 


Connected me to sales rep.  Got everything set up.  For installation, she said the fol day (workday) between 1-3p.  Told her I work- requested SAT.  Said they can only schedule 24H out, but said she will keep rolling it to SAT.


ASKED HER IF SHE WAS CERTAIN:  at LAST INSTALLATION, rep was no show and ATT claimed I had no appt.  Had to wait an extra week for installation.  Rep ASSURED ME there would be no problems because they're "Uverse, not the basic company"... not once, but THREE TIMES we covered this.


Recd text msg today (Fri) saying I'm confirmed for 1-3P appt TODAY (FRI).  Called in- rep said:  Sorry- can't do anything.  SAT already booked and closed.  Told her my rep ASSURED ME that I'd be scheduled SAT.  Response:  Oh, oh yes- I see it in the notes.  Placed on hold for 15m.  Came back and said Sales has to take corrective action and will let me know status.  Told her I wanted call TODAY from someone.  Assured me (HA) I would RECEIVE one.  Told her if I didn't hear from someone by 3P I was calling back.  Told me not to becuase "it could cause problems with your account and the installation" (gee.  How is that diff fm what I'm dealing with now).


I am NOT IMPRESSED with ATT's integrity not customer service.  I made clear my status and installation availability.  They have demonstarated NO CONCERN NOR COMMITMENT TO THIS CUSTOMER.


Calling alternate service tonight.


And THIS explains why my neighbor put up a HUGE sign in his yard NOT TO USE ATT UVERSE.


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Former Employee

Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

Hello, cal0264!


Thank you for your post. Is there anything that we can do to help? We have a team of very resourceful people that can usually find an acceptable solution fairly quickly. You can just send us a message by clicking here; be sure to include your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon at the top right corner of your screen for a response.





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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

ATT MariananCM, I too am having this same "facilities issue".  I've submitted a private message to customer care as well.  Do you know what the average response time is regarding these private messages? 



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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

My response was same day. What disturbed me is that I was told there was a facility issue for over a month by an outsourced supervisor, then to speak with someone directly employed by att and that the issue had been resolved for some time now. The response was immediate and they resolved my issue the next day. I hope you have the same experience.

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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

My experiences with AT&T have not been good, so I am sorry to bore this forum with a list of complaints but I have tried every other channel within AT&T.

I moved into a new housing addition in McKinney six weeks ago.  As a computer consultant that works from home I required high-speed internet and was told that it was available through AT&T.  I called to order both cable TV and internet and was told UVerse was not available. 

After three weeks of calling every number I could find within AT&T and given the runaround on all occasions - being told that my house did not exist and one time even being told that I did not exist.  I finally contacted Ruth Swanzy, an excellent right-of-way technician who worked with me to get the equipment and fiber installed.

Three weeks ago I ordered service and was told that due to a backlog it would be September 16 before it could be installed.  I waited patiently and on September 16th received a call that stated (wait for it) there was an equiment failure and we would have to be rescheduled.  I have now been calling AT&T constantly and was finally told that they could not give me a date for the installation as the equipment may take an indefinite amount of time to fix.

There are various words I could use to describe this response, but unprofessional is probably the most acceptable for a public forum.

I have heard of AT&Ts reputation for bad customer service, but this takes it to new levels of incompetence.


Thanks for allowing me the use of this forum to vent my obvious frustration.  Unfortunately AT&T has a lock on internet service in this area otherwise I would be pursuing Verizon, Time Warner or anything that is available.

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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed

I too understand your frustration. I was in the same boat needed fast internet as I work from home 3 days a week as well and we moved into an new addition. After 6 hours collectively on hold, and calling every number known to AT&T, I only had success with the private message system mentioned above. If I'm reading your complaint correct you still don't have service. Is that right? If so, my only suggestion is to send a private message as recommended above by Marianna the AT&T rep suggested. After doing this, I personally received a phone call by a Media Marketing professional who monitors the site. He was able to FINALLY get to bottom of my "facilities issue" and I'm being installed tomorrow. I've also received over 4 phone calls and one text message confirming my install for tomorrow so we'll see. I'll update this if we don't get installed tomorrow. Hope you get installed. Fyi, I started the process 4 days before we moved in and that was on August 15th.
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Re: Install Complaint / Enrolled 7/31/13 / Still not installed



Sounds like you are having the same problems.  I wish you all the best in getting installed.  I too sent a private message and am having a conversation with the rep that answered.  My 'facilities issue' is scheduled to be fixed on October 2nd - no guarantees, but at least I now have a date I can wait for.  After the fix I will be rescheduled - no date promised - but AT&T will 'expedite' the process.  Unfortunately I can do nothing but wait....

I hope you have been installed (and I hope the service was worth waiting for).

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