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Incompatibility between U-verse iPhone and iPad Apps

Incompatibility between U-verse iPhone and iPad Apps

LlOne of the reasons why I choose U-Verse was the ability to download TV shows in the U-Verse IPhone App and watch them when I an on a plane when my phone is in &quot;Airplane Mode&quot;. Although the selection of Networks and shows available under the &quot;Watch&quot; feature is not great, it keeps me occupied while I travel which is frequent. As a matter of fact, several fellow passengers have expressed interest in U-Verse as a result of seeing this feature.<br><br>For some reason this feature is not available on the U-Verae IPad App and I have been told that this a &quot;Content Licensing Right&quot; issue.<br><br>I would like AT&amp;T to know a few things:<br><br>1) I would be willing to pay extra for this feature on my UVerse IPad app<br><br>2) You should advertise these features and highlight that not all other providers such as DirecTV and Cable providers offer them. Dish Network I think offers an IPad viewing.but not downloading and browsing offline.<br><br>3) Is anyone working on obtaining the licensing rights for the IPad?<br><br>Thanks in advance<br><br>Raul Gonzalez
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Re: Incompatibility between U-verse iPhone and iPad Apps

raullgonzalez - What you say is true. Hard to believe all the portable devices are not treated the same & more robustly. All the IOS devices have the same software.

As you probably know, the u-verse for ipad app allows only direct play of on-demand (No download for future viewing).

You may not know that, since the software is the same, you can install the u-verse for iphone app on your ipad. But, when you try to use the download feature, it blocks you because it is not in the agreement. Other features work.

Also, when you can view on your device - try connecting it to a TV via HDMI or mirroring software & it will be blocked because it recognizes the connection to the extra screen.

So, you can use it only under a very narrow window with no way to open that window.

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Re: Incompatibility between U-verse iPhone and iPad Apps

Is anyone working on the content licensing for the IPad? I am in Houston for the a weekend and XFinity is showing TV ads allowing the streaming to IPAD devices.

Do not want AT&T to loose the edge.


Raul Gonzalez
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Re: Incompatibility between U-verse iPhone and iPad Apps

Is anyone looking at resolvingb the IPad Licensing Content To resolve this issue?


i am in Houston this week and my stepdaughter has XFinity Cable Service.  They are running TV Ads offering streaming content to IPAd devices. 


I certainly do not think AT&T wants to loose it's edge.


Raul Gonzalez

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