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I switch to ATT internet and telephone on 14 July 14. I was told in 3 days my original number will be switch from cable one to ATT on the 17 July 14. Doing these 3 days i can call out no one can call in. I call on the 18 July 14 about the same issue i can call out but, no one can call in.  I was then inform we have to cut your service off and your old number should be working on the 23 July 14. 18 July 14 through 23 July no telephone service until 11:59pm. I could only call out and no one could call in. I call on the 24 July 14 about the same issue, staying on my wireless telephone for 1 hour. Then i was provide with temporary number ***. Then i was told my telephone original number will be in effect in 5 business days. Guess NO, I call 1 Aug 14 explain everything else at the top of this page about want going on to Keywanda. She stated i have to pay for activation fee. NO i already paid 99.99 for this installment of this it still not working. After getting off the telephone with her my telephone was cut off again. No temporary number *** or ***. Then i call ATT that evening of 1 Aug 14, and they schedule to 5 Aug 14 service to be activate. I said no, i want to talk to the IT Manager. I talk to her she schedule for 2 Aug 14 between 12 - 4 pm. Saturday morning i received the call at 700am your appointment confirmed. THen i received call at 400pm your appointment have been reschedule to the 9 Aug 14. Some body went into the system and change my appointment. I did the chat line and had the to reschedule my appointment today for the same time 12p - 4pm. I received the call confirming my appointment again. Then i received 1 call from the tech who only call once. Once i came home from work i return the call for the tech and inform him who i was. His replied was well they want me to come earlier but, i have sent your ticket back to have it reschedule for another day.  I replied H NO, my appointment was 12p - 4pm. I call the 1800 and the lady responded was well we did not have much work today so we change your time again. H NO. How do i requested refund for service that was not properly install in the first place and have inconvenience me miss very important doctor call, daycare call and school. I cannot even dial out for emergency if life depend on it. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER WITH ATT, falsified installment, customer service who erase the previous call i made ask about my telephone service issue to cover their lying but. I regret every doing service with ATT. 

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