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IPN4320 Box keeps restarting


IPN4320 Box keeps restarting

My DVR receiver keeps restarting.

The secondary wireless receiver plays without problems.

Please help. I've tried restarting, unplugging, switching outlets etc.
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Re: IPN4320 Box keeps restarting

If see channel for first 10 to 15 seconds then reboots, loosing the sync switch.... May try the following.....

1) STANDARD reboot, unplug , replug OR hold POWER button for ten seconds seconds.

2) DR disaster recovery, unplug, plug when three dots appear, unplug , replug total three times. This allows unit to upgrade to new software and apply software. Will see one gear, followed by two gears.

3) FR factory reset, wipes out hard drive if DVR... Factory reset for boxes...depress power, ok, down arrow 10~15 seconds, release power continue to hold ok, down till front panel lights flash three times..release buttons...single gear two gears, will auto reboot come back in 15 minutes see if can record, pause playback...NOTE on DVR this will reformat HD loss all recordings.

4) replace the receiver, if above items do not resolve then equipment swap either can have shipped or request tech visit. If suspect possible wiring issue encourage the tech visit.
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Re: IPN4320 Box keeps restarting

If you have done all of the soft and hard reboots on your your equipment, .click on the hyperlink in my sig for AT&T Customer Care.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, who can help get this issue resolved.  Send them a PM with your info and your concern and someone will be in touch with you.  Watch the little blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification, as they will reply to you via PM.  Their hours Mon-Fri 8am to 11pm CST.

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