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We made an appointment on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 to have my U-Verse internet set up on Friday, January 31, 2014. A techinican named Nicholas came that day who was very nice and helpful. He set up the equipment in my home, and when he was finished, he said it would be working by the next morning.

Saturday, February 1, 2014. We check the internet when we wake up, not working. We then realized there was ONE missed call at 8:30AM (on a SATURDAY MORNING, let me reiterate) from a technician named Ron, whose last name we did not get. He left a message saying he couldn't get access to the apartment and he was leaving. We never knew a second technician was even coming in the first place!!! We gave Ron a call back, he said there was nothing he could do, that he already brought the order back to the office and that we had to make another appointment. We asked him for the office number, to which he refused to provide us. We then call the tech support phone number provided by Nicholas. After speaking with a number of associates and ultimately a supervisor, whose name we did not write down, the problem seemed to have been resolved. The supervisor told us that a technician would come to our home Monday, February 3, 2014. She was very kind and helpful.

However, Monday, February 3, 2014, no technician was sent to our home. We checked our email to find that on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at the EXACT same time we got off the phone with the very nice supervisor, the order had been mysteriously cancelled! CANCELLED! Even though we already received a modem! I called tech support back and spoke with a man named Kenneth. I was very upset about this, and I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisors were all "in a meeting" (having lunch) and could not get to the phone. You could imagine that this made me furious. Kenneth then said that he couldn't dispatch a technician to a cancelled order, so he had to make a new appointment for February 6th, but it would be expedited THAT DAY. Monday, Feb, 3rd. I said GREAT. He also said the "meeting" would be over in 30 minutes and that I would be getting a call from the manager. I mentioned that I had spent over 5 hours on the phone with them and I should get paid for doing their job, and that I later had to go to work to do my job.

Monday evening, while working at MY job, I had someone sit in the apartment in case a technician came. I got no call. And no technician came. So I got on the online chat with a woman whose last name was Nathan. I explained everything to her, explained that I was at work and I gave her a phone number to call in case I got disconnected. She said "you already have an appointment for the 6th" and then we got disconnected. She didn't call me. So I got back on the computer, this time was with a woman named Karen. I had her call this time IMMEDIATELY. She did, and after she had me on hold for a long time, she came back on the phone and then it was mysteriously disconnected. I called back AGAIN, asked to speak with a supervisor. I got to Ivan, who HUNG UP on me because he was offended by my profanity, even though I told him I have the AT&T equipment already in my house and AT&T doesn't seem to know about it or care. I called back AGAIN, ultimately got to the supervisor named Tim,. Tim was very rude and unhelpful. After an hour on the phone with him, he tells me there is nothing he can do because I have called too late at this point. Even though I had been calling since 11:00am. He also didn't fail to try to give me a lesson on how to speak to people because Ivan put in the notes that I was cursing, even though I was very calm and nice with Tim. That only INFURIATED me. Funny that no one makes notes about all the crap that is actually going on with my account, and WHY I was cursing. Tim also said he would make a note for someone to get ahold of dispatch first thing in the morning to have a techinican sent to my house. He also said he made a note that someone would call me before noon.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014. I get no call, and no technician to my home. We call AT&T AGAINNNN, explain the story AGAIN. We spoke with a supervisor named Eva. She was very helpful it seemed. She called dispatch, ASSURED me NUMEROUS times that a technician would be at my home the SAME DAY before 3:00pm. She also said she would call when she knew what time the technician would be here. AWESOME. She also said she would call the next day to make sure the services were completed. Eva called us a little bit before 3:00pm and said the technician was finishing up a job and on his way to our place next. Great! 5:30pm rolls around, no technician. AGAIN on the phone with AT&T!!!! AGAIN telling the same story! They said we had been rescheduled to anywhere from 4:00pm-8:00pm. With no notice or call!!!! We have lives, things to do, places to be. We can keep dropping our committed plans to wait for a internet technician who will leave if I'm not there! And its IMPOSSIBLE to get them to come back apparently! Then we got a call saying that we have an appointment for new installation, (which it is not because we already had the equipment, we just needed it fixed!!!!!!) and a technician is now unavailable. Even though one should have been coming at 3:00pm. Then they say someone will be out tomorrow morning, February 5, 2014 between 9am and 11am. This ridiculous. I have spent over 9 hours on the phone with over 30 AT&T representatives for the past 4 days and each time I get to some one, no one knows what is going on except that I used profanity. I called the AT&T store nearest me at 5065 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 106. Los Angeles, Ca, 90027. and spoke with the manager Diane. She was very unhelpful. Said there was nothing she can do because I called too late. Even though (again) I had been on the phone with AT&T since 11:00am that day as well.

It seems to me one of your main problems, no one seems to speak english. Every time we call, we have to repeat ourselves at least 6 times to each associate. We explain the whole story, then they ask a question that we had already answered. The incompetence with every single employee we had spoken with is totally unbelievable. At this rate, the statistic for how many people at your company that do not know how to do their job is 100% at our observation. I might have offended Mr. Ivan with my profanity, but we are offended by the lack of respect for our time, and us as customers your company has shown me. We will not recommend ANYBODY to your services, and every time someone speaks praises of AT&T, we will tell them of this experience, and urge them toward someone else. Another thing, why is this information not being communicated? Why aren't there notes on what is going on with this account? ESPECIALLY when we say we have called dozens of times trying to resolve this situation? Why am we not getting a call when a change has been made? Why am we doing your job? We hope our calls have been recorded, because surely they can be used for some type of training class on how NOT to treat your customers.


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I do apologize for your unfortunate handling, here is what I see from your report...

Initial tech unable to complete install, probably due to no sync, created a helper ticket for a lineman.
The lineman responsibility is to verify connections, needed access that was unavailable, the tech called and received no response, returned the job to the pool for later assignment and picked up another job. When contacted could not return as no longer had job, each job is time tracked, with assignments.

In your attempt to resolve somehow order CANCELED, no longer have an account number or assignments (binding posts at various locationsto provide service)

New Order Created, requiring engineering involvement for assignments and schedule appointment based on work load.
Informed new installation date is Feb 6th, any attempt to create a repair ticket when order has not been installed, means no assignments, no work can be done without assignments.

Expect installation attempt on Feb 6th, if still have sync issue, tech may need to issue another helper ticket.

Could ask for a STAY AND PLAY, tech remains on job while waiting for outsise lineman, may take up to 4 hours to respond plus time to resolve. If not wanting to sit there with the tech that long, then ticket goes into job pool, may get outside line that day or next, but again will need access....meaning someone needs to be home. FYI.

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Hello, Amj0rdan!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experiences with your U-verse installation, and I understand your frustration. We would definitely appreciate the opportunity to remedy the situation, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, please feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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