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I wouldn't recommend AT&T to my worst enemy!

I wouldn't recommend AT&T to my worst enemy!

This is the most aggravating and dishonest company I have ever dealt with! I ordered U-Verse on February 11th and given the install date, by the rep I ordered with, of that following Thursday. He was wrong and it was the next Thursday the 20th. That was fine, I mess up the date on things myself sometimes.<br>It is now March 20th and I had to call the company to find out my estimated (not guaranteed) install is on the 31st! I wasn't contacted and told this, I had to call myself and find this out after yet another missed appointment.<br>I have constantly been rescheduled (more than 10 times), lied to, promised each time was my last reschedule. They have told me my area is in a state of natural disaster on days that are 50° and sunny, which being in Detroit is nocer than it's been in 6 months! The same day they tell me these things I see an AT&amp;T install truck in the parking lot of my apartment!<br>This past Monday was, yet again, supposed to be my FINAL reschedule as stated by a supposed supervisor. A tech calls me and says he's outside doing the install, so everything aeems good, and that he will call me when he finishes. After waiting 5 hours and hearing nothing I call customer service to find out he left mid install because there was some &quot;blockage&quot; that an engineer will have to come fix. The tech claims he tried calling me, leaving a voicemail and texting me; I had no missed calls, voicemail or text message! They tell me I will recieve a call when the problem is fixed and my install can be rescheduled.<br>Yesterday I recieve a call to confirm my appointment for today, an appointment made by AT&amp;T without my knowledge but desperately wanting my internet I confirm it. Before confirming the appointment I asked the rep that she was sure the problem was fixed because I was told that before when it wasn't. She told me that from the notes on my profile thw engineer had come fixed it and gave the go ahead to finally finish my install.<br>This brings me to today....I wait through my appointment window and hear nothing. I call customer service YET AGAIN and find myself being transferred from a rep, to a supervisor and then another supervisor! I spent 3 hours on the phone to find out that I am the one unit in my building that apparently the terminal or whatever dpesnt have room for and they have to build a whole new location for me to get my service!!! This is something they had to know since the beginning but chose to lie to me over and over to buy them time instead! It's either that, or there was room when I ordered and they installed someone who ordered after me before installing mine! Either way it is a ridiculous situation!<br>This brings me to my subject title....I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND AT&amp;T TO MY WORST ENEMY! I wouldn't wis h this problem and lack of respect upon anyone. If you have a choice for internet service (U-Verse is the only provider for my apartment building) avoid this company like the plague!
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Re: I wouldn't recommend AT&T to my worst enemy!

Hi @srastenis91,


I am so sorry about your experiences in trying to get the U-verse services. I would like to do anything I can to help. I will have my team send you a private message, so we can follow this issue for you and work towards getting it resolved.


-David T

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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